Monthly Archive for July, 2000

Literature on the Web must

Lit­er­a­ture on the Web must allow nav­i­ga­tion, explo­ration, and exper­i­men­ta­tion. The Web is a non-lin­ear medi­um and so should the expe­ri­ence of pro­cess­ing the tex­tu­al body.

to continue on this jakob neilsen

to con­tin­ue on this jakob nielsen thread– par­o­dies of him are found every­where late­ly… most are knee-jerk reac­tions, usu­al­ly in the form of pro­fane rants, curs­ing His Usabil­i­ty­ness for his insolance and deeply pes­simistic view of human­i­ty… ves­tige offers a par­o­dy of nielsen’s site itself, mock­ing his inabil­i­ty to present infor­ma­tion in any coher­ent manner.

got tunnels?

got tun­nels?

a life of reaction. Or,

a life of reac­tion. Or, try here.

i read his book. i

i read his book. i con­sid­ered his argu­ments… and i looked at his research data. i still got the feel­ing that jacob nielsen was a jack­ass with smoke up his shirt. now i’m con­vinced.

did someone say hip-hop? check

did some­one say hip-hop? check out juras­sic 5 and dilat­ed peo­ples. then put down that puffy shit.

loose-lipped espi0nage…

loose-lipped espi0nage

pink is still the new black

pink is still the new black.

A site dedicated to moving images

a site ded­i­cat­ed to mov­ing images– lots of exper­i­men­tal stuff… DHTML, quick time…

looking to get a groove

look­ing to get a groove on? per­haps you know a lit­tle finnish? i found the most amaz­ing chat site… [not that i did much chatting]

an interesting read at

an inter­est­ing read at 40 of the top ‘new media’ design­ers in the world were invit­ed to swe­den for a confrence.

the DSL can’t be installed

the DSL can’t be installed at chester st soon enough. it looks like it might not get installed until after mikey moves out. [which is slight­ly com­i­cal] mean­while, RCN and cable­vi­sion should be mov­ing in… will there be too much com­pe­ti­tion?


my group direc­tor seona intro­duced me to the firm list… it is inter­est­ing to see what oth­er design­ers are up to. i’ve nev­er seen a bet­ter direc­to­ry of ‘firms’ out there, so buck­le-up grandma.

all work and no play

all work and no play makes ned­dy a dull boy .… just don’t start chop­ping up bath­room doors with axes while we’re in the mid­dle of nowhere new york…

Can you feel the community

Can you feel the com­mu­ni­ty yet? grant­ed we’re still wait­ing for rebes and won­der ham­mer to join us… and there are cur­rent­ly only four of us… oh, and why are there no win2k dri­vers for my new sony dig­i­tal cam­era?? am i sup­posed to be con­tent view­ing them in the 2“x3” VCD dis­play until Sony decides to sup­port their products?

when dying from a guinea

when dying from a guinea pig bite just isn’t enough… kill your sims in oth­er ways. i do hate celebri­ty death­match, but i can’t help but share the fuzzy feel­ing i get when i hear them speak simolease. oh. and don’t for­get to check out the lust posters. we all knew the sims was­n’t fer kiddies.


i don’t know why i found this so fun­ny. i have one of those lame sens­es of humor.

God bless the dirty, rumor-filled

God bless the dirty, rumor-filled under­side of the dot-com revolution.

i’ve got a new camera.

i’ve got a new cam­era. it is sur­pris­ing­ly small– though not quite the “put-it-in-your-shirt-pock­et” small…