Fight­ing against the huge, hos­tile, non cus­tomer-ori­ent­ed banks.….Is any­one actu­al­ly hap­py with their bank?

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  • I am extreme­ly unhap­py with my bank at HSBC in NY. I have been upset time and time again by this bank. I want a CUSTOMER-ORIENTED bank. Deal­ing with these peo­ple at HSBC is like deal­ing with unin­tel­li­gent, mis­trust­ing indi­vid­u­als who do noth­ing but stress you out. I just can’t deal with this bank any­more. I real­ly need good bankers who can help me… not stress me out over my accounts. This is the worst bank. I need to go to a more friend­ly bank and a bank that has­n’t received so many com­paints and that treats their cus­tomers with decen­cy, hon­esty, accu­rate infor­ma­tion and polite atti­tude. Only dullards work at HSBC.

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