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george w. bush has compared himself to thomas jefferson

my posts have tak­en on a polit­i­cal focus late­ly… but, george w. bush has com­pared him­self to thomas jef­fer­son, the founder of the demo­c­ra­t­ic par­ty… the new repub­lic entends the com­par­i­son, in this satir­i­cal piece.

a uniter, not a divider

george w. bush has stat­ed that he is a “uniter, not a divider”, and that he knows how to pick a good team… john ashcroft was nom­i­nat­ed by bush for one of the most influ­en­tial posi­tions in the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment– the jus­tice depart­ment. the DOJ is the agency that enforces the laws, includ­ing civ­il rights. ashcroft is nei­ther a uniter, nor a good pick for this posi­tion (or any posi­tion in the exec­u­tive branch), because he defends con­fed­er­ate sol­diers as “patri­ots” and sug­gest­ed they should­n’t be por­trayed as hav­ing died for “some per­vert­ed agenda.”

big gay al

and we thought al gore was the robot.

another american mass-shooting

while i was head­ing home to boston after vis­it­ing fam­i­ly for x‑mas, i heard about anoth­er amer­i­can mass-shoot­ing on the BBC… and it turned out that this one hap­pened in wake­field, mass, at an inter­net con­sult­ing firm… and short­ly after hear­ing this sto­ry on the radio, i saw a pick­up truck next to me with a bumper stick­er proud­ly stat­ing “GUN CONTROL IS MIND CONTROL”.

if you lose your senate seat to a dead man…

if you lose your sen­ate seat to a dead man, ‘W’ will make you the top law enforcer in the country.

David Sedaris’s One-Man Christmas Comedy Show

david sedaris, a reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tor to NPR, is doing a run of his one-man christ­mas com­e­dy show in boston:

Sedaris began work in Decem­ber of 1992 as one of Santa’s elves in the Man­hat­tan Macy’s “San­ta­Land” depart­ment. After observ­ing fisticuffs between moth­ers in line with their ram­bunc­tious prog­e­ny await­ing their turn to sit in the lap of a lech­er­ous, drunk­en San­ta, Sedaris penned the “San­ta­Land Diaries.”

Sometimes i feel undervalued.

Some­times i feel under­val­ued.

Presley took me to blue

Pres­ley took me to blue man group for my birth­day ( a few days ear­ly). fun­ny thing — the blue men were climb­ing on chairs through the audi­ence, and they made it all the way back to us (it’s not a large space)… and they plucked her up, and took her onstage to do a schtick with them… after being fed twinkies, and doing mime humor, twinkie-vom­it shot out of this vest they stuck on her, and she could­n’t stop laugh­ing. that blue stuff gets every­where .

Frank Gehry’s brilliant new Corcoran Gallery

they have a fea­ture over at one-media about archi­tect Frank Gehry’s bril­liant new Cor­co­ran Gallery.

The New Yorker. Online?

has conde’ nast final­ly decid­ed to go ahead with an online ver­sion of The New York­er magazine?

i’d love to get my hands on…

i’d love to get my hands on this book ‘Typog­ra­phy: Macro- + Microaes­thet­ics’, by Willi Kunz…

a cigarette from scratch in photoshop

learned how to cre­ate a cig­a­rette from scratch in pho­to­shop… who needs stock imagery?

In 1555, Nostradamus wrote…

from albany dan:
In 1555, Nos­tradamus wrote: 
Come the mil­len­ni­um, month 12,
In the home of great­est power,
The vil­lage idiot will come forth
To be acclaimed the leader.

Siteway features some interesting illustrations

Site­way fea­tures some inter­est­ing illus­tra­tions of such not­ed lumi­nar­ies as david hume, and friedrich niet­zsche & brit­tney spears… (i’m not sure david hume counts as luminary)

look what time of year

look what time of year it is! Pix­el­palooza!, over at the icon fac­to­ry

buy some new things, in

buy some new things, in a tru­ly fun space. might remind us of phoenix-pop’s design…

Method is an interesting design

Method is an inter­est­ing design firm… they pro­duced the quite famous ‘’…