Monthly Archive for February, 2001

Christopher Lydon

There have been a cou­ple of good arti­cles com­ing to the defense of Christo­pher Lydon, host of the Con­nec­tion, over his recent con­tract bat­tles. Here is one rea­son to val­ue this man– he has the moral courage to stand up to John Sil­ber, and chal­lege him on his terms. Here is a pas­sage from the Globe:

In a remark­able 1990 inter­view with incen­di­ary guber­na­to­r­i­al can­di­date John Sil­ber, Lydon stopped the then-Boston Uni­ver­si­ty pres­i­dent in his tracks by com­par­ing him to rap group Pub­lic Ene­my and sug­gest­ing that his mes­sage ”pushed right up to the edge of rev­o­lu­tion­ism, sex­ism, some­times even anti-Semi­tism.” (Coin­ci­den­tal­ly, Boston Uni­ver­si­ty holds the license to WBUR and has offi­cial over­sight of the station.)

go shopping for a virtual

go shop­ping for a vir­tu­al fam­i­ly– it’s got a clever use of flash.

the definitive political parody. examples

the defin­i­tive polit­i­cal par­o­dy. exam­ples include ‘super gore’ and a hilar­i­ous par­o­dy of ‘the grinch’ called ‘How The Bush Stole The Election’.

i am the monkey inside

i am the mon­key inside your head.

We hung a new frame

We hung a new frame above our couch today, and i took a pic­ture. all that is miss­ing from this shot are 2 lit­tle blonde chil­dren run­ning around, and a blue and yel­low logo with a heavy-weight­ed scan­di­na­vian type.