Monthly Archive for March, 2001

Finally finished Shampoo Planet

Finally finished Shampoo Planet, by Douglas Coupland, (the oh-now-so-extinct zeitgeist writer of the early 90s), and found myself enjoying it quite a bit. The Gen-X thing might be pass�, considering many of Coupland’s readers went on to make intenet cash in the mid to late 90s, but i found a strong identification with his characters. And while i can’t say that i am a 21-year-old Reagan youth, in the early 90s, in a very small, northwest town near a toxic Superfund site, growing up wiith Hippy parents, struggling with “making it” in corporate America… i can identify with the struggling thing. You’re not going to “make it” sitting around worrying about “making it”…

i am lucky to have a job designing in the “new media” realm. Cuts at Zefer, and Viant.

There is a surprise

There is a surprise this weekend– but i can’t yet say what it will be… because Presley may be reading this. Let’s just say that she is turning 21 on Saturday, and probably looking for clues. What should i buy her for her birthday?

Oh, and I’d like to think i can throw the occasional good-natured insult (or not), but Shakespeare does it like no one else.

Very jittery today

Very jittery today– i found this little 1-cup coffee maker that brews instantly at my desk at work, so i don’t need to run out to yada yada every hour on the hour. the downside is, of course, that i have hot tasty coffee within reach… distractions from the tasks at hand.


I can’t say that the Oscars were all that bad… Steve Martin’s putdowns were sharp, witty and delivered with such class– i’m glad to see that that over-caffeinated dog Billy Crystal didn’t decide to do it this year. Next year…. Conan? Chris Rock? Regis?