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stock photo community

I just stum­bled across a real­ly cool, free stock pho­to com­mu­ni­ty called You can con­tribute pho­tos, or down­load and use them, roy­al­ty-free. I’m pro­cras­ti­nat­ing, since I’m sup­posed to be fin­ish­ing up Bilin­gual Edu­ca­tion in Mass­a­chu­setts, which is a great read, except that I have to be test­ed on it tomorrow.

Smart Tags®

A List Apart has more on Smart Tags®

Salon self-promotion

Salon is doing a lit­tle bit of self-pro­mo­tion on their cov­er sto­ry today about media con­sol­i­da­tion online. The arti­cle focus­es on the trou­bles inde­pen­dent pub­lish­ers are fac­ing in the shad­ows of AOL, Microsoft, Dis­ney & Via­com. But there was an inter­est­ing pas­sage con­cern­ing Microsoft­’s Win­dows XP:

As Microsoft read­ies the next mass-mar­ket ver­sion of Win­dows XP, provoca­tive tid­bits of its “inte­gra­tions” have sur­faced. The most out­ra­geous gam­bit is a lit­tle inno­va­tion known as Smart Tags — a tool that auto­mat­i­cal­ly adds new links to doc­u­ments. You don’t choose where on the Inter­net these links point to; Microsoft does.

In Win­dows XP, Microsoft intends to extend Smart Tags to the Web brows­er, usurp­ing the hereto­fore-unchal­lenged right of a Web site oper­a­tor to decide where links point.

Smart tags scare me.

The Sigur Rós

I watched some of the con­cert footage of The Sig­ur Rós, an ice­landic band that has been mak­ing some noise in the US recent­ly – Gillian Ander­son is a fan, aparent­ly… but they’re incredible.

Grossness from Albany Dan

Gross­ness from Dan­no.


I spend uncount­ed amounts of my time, most­ly when I’m walk­ing or dri­ving around town, look­ing at and think­ing about car designs… admit­ted­ly, when I’m not behind my com­put­er, you’ve got to look for oth­er things to obsess about– that’s the prob­lem with being a designer.

Slate has an inter­est­ing arti­cle about the state of car design (I might say, it’s quite cynical).

get yer red hot volvosI’ve always liked Volk­swa­gen styling, for its sim­plic­i­ty and ‘sporty-ness’. I don’t like the new Pas­sat though (2001). I think they’re try­ing to look more like the new Volvos… which attempt, (at least the big ones), some­thing like an Oldsmo­bile for old peo­ple with taste. The huge fins in the back– what’s with that? Looks like there should be rock­ets com­ing out the back.

To continue with the Harry

To con­tin­ue with the Har­ry Pot­ter books thread, of which i have read none, the pro­duc­ers of the 700 club have post­ed an arti­cle titled What’s A Chris­t­ian To Do With Har­ry Pot­ter?, with such insight­ful analy­sis as:

If you’ve ever had a con­ver­sa­tion with anoth­er believ­er (my empha­sis) about Har­ry Pot­ter, you’ve prob­a­bly dis­cov­ered that it can be a very divi­sive issue. And divi­sion in the body of Christ can be as dan­ger­ous as any affect Har­ry could have on children. 

I guess the reli­gious right is preach­ing tol­er­ance in the 21st cen­tu­ry. But, looks to me like Pat Robert­son has oth­er prob­lems to wor­ry about.