Salon self-promotion

Salon is doing a lit­tle bit of self-pro­mo­tion on their cov­er sto­ry today about media con­sol­i­da­tion online. The arti­cle focus­es on the trou­bles inde­pen­dent pub­lish­ers are fac­ing in the shad­ows of AOL, Microsoft, Dis­ney & Via­com. But there was an inter­est­ing pas­sage con­cern­ing Microsoft­’s Win­dows XP:

As Microsoft read­ies the next mass-mar­ket ver­sion of Win­dows XP, provoca­tive tid­bits of its “inte­gra­tions” have sur­faced. The most out­ra­geous gam­bit is a lit­tle inno­va­tion known as Smart Tags — a tool that auto­mat­i­cal­ly adds new links to doc­u­ments. You don’t choose where on the Inter­net these links point to; Microsoft does.

In Win­dows XP, Microsoft intends to extend Smart Tags to the Web brows­er, usurp­ing the hereto­fore-unchal­lenged right of a Web site oper­a­tor to decide where links point.

Smart tags scare me.

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