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SUCKAHS dot ORG is live.

SUCKAHS dot ORG is live. Invi­ta­tions have been sent. apply here: ned at suck­ahs dot org

from wired: MIT’s Media Lab

from wired:

MIT’s Media Lab is exper­i­ment­ing with a tool for index­ing the most pop­u­lar hyper­text links across thou­sands of weblogs and has ambi­tious plans to turn it into a resource for the mass media.

Launched last week, Blogdex is like a search-engine spi­der that vis­its about 9,000 weblogs a day look­ing for hyper­text links.

It extracts the links and ranks them by popularity.

suckahs dot org has been

suck­ahs dot org has been offi­cial­ly reg­is­tered. Host­ing and the DNS shoould be set up with­in a cou­ple of days. what is check back for updates.

I have a Samsung pcs

I have a Sam­sung pcs phone that i have real­ly liked– but I will buy their new col­or palm phone

speeding ticket

I had a hear­ing for my speed­ing tick­et that i got in the ted williams tun­nel, and i was found not-respon­si­ble, so thank you very much.

Albany Dan provided me with another

Albany Dan pro­vid­ed me with anoth­er great link– the Is Dick Cheney Dead Yet Weblog. He (Dan­no) and I are in the process of set­ting up a group blog for all of our friends from but­ta­lo. The lead­ing domain choice is ‘suck­ahs’, though we can’t agree on dot ORG or dot COM. What do you think?

Someone from Hamburg, Germany sent

Some­one from Ham­burg, Ger­many sent me an e‑mail ask­ing for fam­i­ly tree infor­ma­tion on the my sur­name. Unfor­tunete­ly, i don’t have any infor­ma­tion. The only infor­ma­tion i have comes from my mom’s mom’s fam­i­ly– which is English.

saw the flickerstick video on

saw the flick­er­stick video on VH1 (pro­duced as part of their bands on the run prize).

Ok. you like Radiohead? and

Ok. you like Radio­head? and you have AOL IM? enter ‘Goo­glyMino­taur’ as your newest bud­dy– and start talk­ing to it. no real­ly.

Dick Cheney has his own

Dick Cheney has his own per­son­al ener­gy cri­sis. Are these guys that dumb? Thanks to milch.

Danibat did something interesting– took

Dani­bat did some­thing inter­est­ing– took a famous paint­ing, and recre­at­ed it using text. This isn’t your old­er broth­er’s ASCII art…

The Flickerstick show was

The Flick­er­stick show was incred­i­ble. They pro­ject­ed motion graph­ics type stuff from the back onto stage, and had cuts from movies like ‘Willy Won­ka’ play­ing in between songs. Rex ‘El Dan­geroso’, one of the gui­tarists, was in true form– at one point he was solo­ing in the crowd.

This has been quite the

This has been quite the week­end for live music– Francine and the Fly Seville last night at T.T.‘s, and Flick­er­stick (from VH1’s Bands on the Run) tonight at the Mid­dle East Down­stairs.

Oh and last night, we were on our way back from Portsmouth, when we got stuck in the traf­fic for the Mon­kees hatch shell con­cert. doh.

Gretchen told me about this

Gretchen told me about this go-kart track in Brain­tree that fea­tures For­mu­la-One look­ing cars:

F1 Boston is New Eng­land’s hottest, most com­plete enter­tain­ment and func­tion facil­i­ty. Whether you’re build­ing cor­po­rate team spir­it, launch­ing a new prod­uct, enter­tain­ing a new client or just want to come in and race at F1, pow­er is at your com­mand. You’ll find state of the art exhi­bi­tion and con­fer­ence facilities…full-service restaurant…classic bil­liard parlor…shops…lounges… and, of course, racing.

there is a great animation

there is a great ani­ma­tion for the quiz show ‘You Don’t Know Jack” on its ABC web­site. (PEEWEE!)

ooh. strawberry pop-tart blow-torches (from

ooh. straw­ber­ry pop-tart blow-torch­es (from evan)

Straw­ber­ry Pop Tarts may be a cheap and inex­pen­sive source of incen­di­ary devices. Toast­ers which fail to eject Pop Tarts cause the Pop Tarts to emit flames 10–18 inch­es in height. 

Interesting article on Blur frontman

Inter­est­ing arti­cle on Blur front­man Damon Albarn’s side project Goril­laz– a car­toon band drawn by tank girl cre­ator Jamie Hewlett.

New Bjork video — hidden

New Bjork video — hid­den place. Also, Spin has an exclu­sive track- Veran­di.

NewsBlogger is Back! There is

News­Blog­ger is Back!

There is this whale trapped on a fish­ing line out in the waters off the cape — and because of weath­er or what­ev­er, they have been unable to free it. So, they’ve been shoot­ing it full of pain killers– hop­ing that it will go uncon­sious, so they can help it out. I ask, how many drugs does it take to sub­due a whale?

Funny things, these cursor trails.

Fun­ny things, these cur­sor trails.

Microsoft finally got their Messenger

Microsoft final­ly got their Mes­sen­ger ser­vice back online, but I still haven’t heard about that release can­di­date copy of win­dows XP I plunked down $10 for.

Republicans experience nightmares when they dream

Some­thing most of us Lib­er­als sus­pect­ed — Repub­li­cans can’t sleep at night. “Repub­li­cans are near­ly three times as like­ly as Democ­rats to experience
night­mares when they dream.” (thanks to Albany Dan for the link)

Slate has a story today

Slate has a sto­ry today about the new diet coke ad cam­paign– the one nar­rat­ed (bizarrely) by Ben Affleck, where he talks about his new (com­mer­cial) wife and how she stopped wear­ing sexy under­wear. The whole coke cam­paign (includ­ing coke & diet coke com­mer­cials) has been an amaz­ing suc­cess. Pep­si is still sell­ing their sug­ary non­sense to 12-year-old boy-band fans– while coke is tak­ing chances and hit­ting the mark. Jacob Dylan– now that’s a media dream. (oh, and so is Ben Affleck, though I can’t fath­om why)

Searching for DSL– verizon has

Search­ing for DSLver­i­zon has backed up instal­la­tions in All­ston-Brighton until Octo­ber / Novem­ber. And Earth­link claims that they can give it to me, but they keep can­cel­ing my order with­out giv­ing a rea­son. This Broad­band thing is a night­mare. C’mon! is all I have to say.