I have been glued to the tele­vi­sion over the past cou­ple of weeks, and i’m sick with grief as i lis­ten to these wives, moth­ers, sons and daugh­ters show pic­tures of their lost loved-ones. It is so trag­ic to see the pan­ic and loss in their faces, as they plead with the tele­vi­sion crews, describ­ing what their dad­dies and hus­bands were wear­ing when they left the house that morning.

Lisa and I are so thank­ful that every­one we know and love are safe — it was a fright­ful cou­ple of days in Boston, because our city seems to be the ori­gin of much of this mad­ness. Many of the pas­sen­gers in the AA and UA flights that left Logan were from Mass­a­chu­setts. I watched all after­noon as the West­in hotel in the Back Bay was raid­ed, and appar­ent­ly police pulled a man of ara­bic descent off an Amtrak train in Rhode Island. There is also talk of Boston cab­bies… So far, it seems, noth­ing has mate­ri­al­ized, and i hope and pray that the FBI and law enforce­ment are patient and respect­ful of civ­il lib­er­ties. I also hope to God that peo­ple remain calm, and allow the police to do their job.

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