I have been glued to the television over the past couple of weeks, and i’m sick with grief as i listen to these wives, mothers, sons and daughters show pictures of their lost loved-ones. It is so tragic to see the panic and loss in their faces, as they plead with the television crews, describing what their daddies and husbands were wearing when they left the house that morning.

Lisa and I are so thankful that everyone we know and love are safe — it was a frightful couple of days in Boston, because our city seems to be the origin of much of this madness. Many of the passengers in the AA and UA flights that left Logan were from Massachusetts. I watched all afternoon as the Westin hotel in the Back Bay was raided, and apparently police pulled a man of arabic descent off an Amtrak train in Rhode Island. There is also talk of Boston cabbies… So far, it seems, nothing has materialized, and i hope and pray that the FBI and law enforcement are patient and respectful of civil liberties. I also hope to God that people remain calm, and allow the police to do their job.

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