ahhh, i’ve only got a few min­utes to talk to you all about some­thing tru­ly fabulous:

Doxy­lamine Suc­ci­nate, Dex­tromethor­phan Hydro­bro­mide, Ace­tominophen, Psue­doephedrine Hydrochloride

not to mention:

Alco­hol, Cit­ric Acid, Fla­vor, Green 3 (what­ev­er that ingre­di­ent is), High Froc­tuse Corn Syrup, Poly­eth­yl­ene Gly­col, Propy­lene Gly­col (both kinds), Puri­fied Water, Sac­carin Sodi­um, Sodi­um Cit­rate, Yeloow 6, Yel­low 10 (what are thos things?)

That’s the for­mu­la for NyQuil– and don’t skimp on the real thing… whoops… fading.….

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