OK, So I’ve Been Delaying

ok, so I’ve been delaying writing, because I’ve been busy designing and looking for work.

This weekend was quite a lot of fun. We picked up 666 (rebes) in chinatown late friday night– the bus arrived more than an hour-and-a-half late. But, this whole chinatown bus thing is incredible– you can take a comfortable bus between New York & Boston for $8-15 each way. What is that all about?

Anyway– albany dan, sara and kaleb arrived while we were waiting on a street corner under the chinatown pagoda arch. We all caught up soon enough back at the compound in Allston, and the drinking commenced. All but 666 did a shot of tequila. I encourage you to verbally berate her for not participating.

Saturday was raining, so we stayed inside until the afternoon, when we finally emerged from the compound to seek cheap thai. Cheap thai was good– again, 666 didn’t order anything, but instead chose to eat half of everyone else’s dish– by my calculations, she consumed the equivalent of at least 3 full meals.

From cheap thai, we marched across Storrow drive to the Esplanade, and walked by the Charles river for some time, when we came across an apple tree. A REAL apple tree– just there on the side of the bank. So, a two-hour activity ensued, involving the knocking-down, and kicking around of apples. Meggbutt and I had the most fun, I think. we kicked so hard that my legs were stiff for days. My third-leg was stiff for a week.

ok, from there, we headed back to the compound. We watched a movie — maybe it was the Big Labowski? — and presley & I cooked basil-stuffed-pepper-salmon and garlic-pepper-chicken for the cult. The fresh snap peas were delicious, as was the white wine from alsace, france. I was a fan of the drink.

At about 10 or so, Katy and Ben showed up, and Kat wasn’t far behind. We literally went through something like 72 beers the rest of the night. At one point, albany dan and I were dressed in similar ‘clinton-white-house’ t-shirts and norwegian ski hats. That was kind of dumb, and definitely hurt my chances with the fly girls. Nobody yorked all night.

Sunday, sara and kaleb left for a day in NYC, and the rest of us headed up I-95 to portsmouth, NH. We ate eccentric lunches at the friendly toast, and then walked around town. Later, myself and albany dan insisted on travelling to Maine, where we eventually pulled over to the beach, somewhere between kittery and kennebunk. The sky was frigging incredible. I hope presley will post the pictures. Must’ve been a dream.

OK. so then, we head back to Boston, and count down till we take 666 back to chinatown. After leaving 666, we rented the cohen brothers’ classic, blood simple.

Monday, myself, albany dan, presley & megbutt went to anna’s taqueria for lunch, and then we disbanded shortly therafter. How’s that for a weekend?

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