OK, So I’ve Been Delaying

ok, so I’ve been delay­ing writ­ing, because I’ve been busy design­ing and look­ing for work.

This week­end was quite a lot of fun. We picked up 666 (rebes) in chi­na­town late fri­day night– the bus arrived more than an hour-and-a-half late. But, this whole chi­na­town bus thing is incred­i­ble– you can take a com­fort­able bus between New York & Boston for $8–15 each way. What is that all about?

Any­way– albany dan, sara and kaleb arrived while we were wait­ing on a street cor­ner under the chi­na­town pago­da arch. We all caught up soon enough back at the com­pound in All­ston, and the drink­ing com­menced. All but 666 did a shot of tequi­la. I encour­age you to ver­bal­ly berate her for not participating.

Sat­ur­day was rain­ing, so we stayed inside until the after­noon, when we final­ly emerged from the com­pound to seek cheap thai. Cheap thai was good– again, 666 did­n’t order any­thing, but instead chose to eat half of every­one else’s dish– by my cal­cu­la­tions, she con­sumed the equiv­a­lent of at least 3 full meals.

From cheap thai, we marched across Stor­row dri­ve to the Esplanade, and walked by the Charles riv­er for some time, when we came across an apple tree. A REAL apple tree– just there on the side of the bank. So, a two-hour activ­i­ty ensued, involv­ing the knock­ing-down, and kick­ing around of apples. Meg­g­butt and I had the most fun, I think. we kicked so hard that my legs were stiff for days. My third-leg was stiff for a week.

ok, from there, we head­ed back to the com­pound. We watched a movie — maybe it was the Big Labows­ki? — and pres­ley & I cooked basil-stuffed-pep­per-salmon and gar­lic-pep­per-chick­en for the cult. The fresh snap peas were deli­cious, as was the white wine from alsace, france. I was a fan of the drink.

At about 10 or so, Katy and Ben showed up, and Kat was­n’t far behind. We lit­er­al­ly went through some­thing like 72 beers the rest of the night. At one point, albany dan and I were dressed in sim­i­lar ‘clin­ton-white-house’ t‑shirts and nor­we­gian ski hats. That was kind of dumb, and def­i­nite­ly hurt my chances with the fly girls. Nobody yorked all night.

Sun­day, sara and kaleb left for a day in NYC, and the rest of us head­ed up I‑95 to portsmouth, NH. We ate eccen­tric lunch­es at the friend­ly toast, and then walked around town. Lat­er, myself and albany dan insist­ed on trav­el­ling to Maine, where we even­tu­al­ly pulled over to the beach, some­where between kit­tery and ken­neb­unk. The sky was frig­ging incred­i­ble. I hope pres­ley will post the pic­tures. Must’ve been a dream.

OK. so then, we head back to Boston, and count down till we take 666 back to chi­na­town. After leav­ing 666, we rent­ed the cohen broth­ers’ clas­sic, blood sim­ple.

Mon­day, myself, albany dan, pres­ley & meg­butt went to anna’s taque­ria for lunch, and then we dis­band­ed short­ly ther­after. How’s that for a weekend?

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