Monthly Archive for November, 2001

Quiz Me

shit, so i’ve been taking all these funny online tests… which makes me basically a 14-year old girl (but you all knew that anyway). i was disappointed cos i’m only half Emo, and three-quarters internet junkie. I mean, come ON. what does it take to get higher numbers? And how am i 40% grunge? cos i know who kurt cobain is? who the fuck doesn’t…

i’ve also been working quite hard on the new suckahs root site. it still needs some tooling, so we’ll see when i finally get to it. lot’s of iframes… hope none of you have netscape 4.


Blur are Selling Cars Again

Blur are selling cars again– one of the latest television advertisements for Chrysler, features one of my favorite blur songs, The Universal

Cut Cut Cut

so i went to see Cay to get my hair cut. I enjoyed having semi-long hair. I think she liked it better too, but the realization that i must go to interviews and such in the near weeks made it a necessity to get some professional looking locks.

Shallow Film

ho ho… pretty fun weekend– saw ‘shallow hal‘ on friday night. not so bad.

Also, going to see Bill Press (the liberal on CNN’s CrossFire) speak on his book tour at Borders… I hope he speaks and takes questions, because i haven’t got the $25 to purchase his book. isn’t life exciting?

Mercury Rev | All is Dream

The Burly Bear Network is presenting the new Mercury Rev album ‘all is dream’ in Real Video.

Mercury Rev has to be the best thing to come out of Buffalo since Wings… And Presley & I caught them at the Middle East Downstairs last year. Fuck, that was a good show. OH– and what is scary is that when we were all like 15 years old, Avishai Hendel, the Israeli exchange-student with the big fucking brain, was mercury rev’s #1 fan. fantastic.

The Next Suckahs Subdomain: Albany Dan

Shit dogg, so i spent some time tonight working on Albany Dan’s site. Presley’s new layout was relatively simple, once we got going with it. She had prepared a collage of stuff, so the idea was well-defined, before i even got into photoshop. Anyway, i’m tired as shit, so i can’t stay on topic…

Albany Dan’s new layout. He & i had spent some time taking photos in his neighborhood, which i initially used as part of another deconstructed collage-style design. but, it didn’t make sense because it lacked any sort of connection to Danno (aside from the shots of his new apartment).

Then I remembered he mentioned a preference for the clean & modern, so i started a second design — but this one would look more ‘literary’. It could almost be a book cover. SO, i thought, voila!