Monthly Archive for November, 2001

Quiz Me

shit, so i’ve been tak­ing all these fun­ny online tests… which makes me basi­cal­ly a 14-year old girl (but you all knew that any­way). i was dis­ap­point­ed cos i’m only half Emo, and three-quar­ters inter­net junkie. I mean, come ON. what does it take to get high­er num­bers? And how am i 40% grunge? cos i know who kurt cobain is? who the fuck doesn’t…

i’ve also been work­ing quite hard on the new suck­ahs root site. it still needs some tool­ing, so we’ll see when i final­ly get to it. lot’s of iframes… hope none of you have netscape 4.


Blur are Selling Cars Again

Blur are sell­ing cars again– one of the lat­est tele­vi­sion adver­tise­ments for Chrysler, fea­tures one of my favorite blur songs, The Uni­ver­sal

Cut Cut Cut

so i went to see Cay to get my hair cut. I enjoyed hav­ing semi-long hair. I think she liked it bet­ter too, but the real­iza­tion that i must go to inter­views and such in the near weeks made it a neces­si­ty to get some pro­fes­sion­al look­ing locks.

Shallow Film

ho ho… pret­ty fun week­end– saw ‘shal­low hal’ on fri­day night. not so bad.

Also, going to see Bill Press (the lib­er­al on CNN’s Cross­Fire) speak on his book tour at Bor­ders… I hope he speaks and takes ques­tions, because i haven’t got the $25 to pur­chase his book. isn’t life exciting?

Mercury Rev | All is Dream

The Burly Bear Net­work is pre­sent­ing the new Mer­cury Rev album ‘all is dream’ in Real Video.

Mer­cury Rev has to be the best thing to come out of Buf­fa­lo since Wings… And Pres­ley & I caught them at the Mid­dle East Down­stairs last year. Fuck, that was a good show. OH– and what is scary is that when we were all like 15 years old, Avishai Hen­del, the Israeli exchange-stu­dent with the big fuck­ing brain, was mer­cury rev’s #1 fan. fantastic.

The Next Suckahs Subdomain: Albany Dan

Shit dogg, so i spent some time tonight work­ing on Albany Dan’s site. Pres­ley’s new lay­out was rel­a­tive­ly sim­ple, once we got going with it. She had pre­pared a col­lage of stuff, so the idea was well-defined, before i even got into pho­to­shop. Any­way, i’m tired as shit, so i can’t stay on topic…

Albany Dan’s new lay­out. He & i had spent some time tak­ing pho­tos in his neigh­bor­hood, which i ini­tial­ly used as part of anoth­er decon­struct­ed col­lage-style design. but, it did­n’t make sense because it lacked any sort of con­nec­tion to Dan­no (aside from the shots of his new apartment).

Then I remem­bered he men­tioned a pref­er­ence for the clean & mod­ern, so i start­ed a sec­ond design — but this one would look more ‘lit­er­ary’. It could almost be a book cov­er. SO, i thought, voila!