The Next Suckahs Subdomain: Albany Dan

Shit dogg, so i spent some time tonight working on Albany Dan’s site. Presley’s new layout was relatively simple, once we got going with it. She had prepared a collage of stuff, so the idea was well-defined, before i even got into photoshop. Anyway, i’m tired as shit, so i can’t stay on topic…

Albany Dan’s new layout. He & i had spent some time taking photos in his neighborhood, which i initially used as part of another deconstructed collage-style design. but, it didn’t make sense because it lacked any sort of connection to Danno (aside from the shots of his new apartment).

Then I remembered he mentioned a preference for the clean & modern, so i started a second design — but this one would look more ‘literary’. It could almost be a book cover. SO, i thought, voila!

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