Monthly Archive for December, 2001

Christmas Eve Always used to Be Fun

When I was a kid, it was almost more exciting that Christmas day—we’d go to the grandparents house, and there’d be literally hundreds of packages everywhere. you couldn’t walk across the room. If by chance there were outsiders in attendance, they’d be shocked that a family of 6 could wrap so much… and each year we’d up the number. I remember getting a my first trip to NYC in 1995… a sabres jersey (#89 mogilny) in 1989. there was a cabbage patch kid in 1984. It was always a picture perfect commercialized Christmas.

anyway, yada yada yada… basically I’m getting nostalgic for the Christmas I never had.

Also, Presley and I exchanged gifts tonight… and she bought me this amazing book retrospective of RayGun Magazine, possibly the best written and best designed music rag ever. Also, cause I get two presents… she bought me 3 harry potter action figures: quidditch harry, ron, & malfoy. (fucking malfoy) I can’t decide whether I want to play with them, or keep them in their packaging… oh and for my birthday, Pres got me this old framed poster advertisement… something about cold remedies. I will have to study it more when I get back to the city. Thanks sweeties! (too much AbFab)

Also, Jeffy and Jules…. where are you? I hear you are home for the holidays…

<3 you all, happy stuff.


we’ve made it the 450 miles downwind from boston to buffalo. The 2 ‘B’s. I’m now sitting at a blueberry imac, trying like fuck to get the hocky-puck mouse to do what i need it to. i’m thrilled to see that suckahs tests well on Mac IE 5.0… i was totally wierded out when we went to visit 666 last weekend– the site worked ok on her imac (ie 4.5), but i made some minor changes to fix little bugs. i totally need an imac in my non-existent design stoodio.

i love the macintosh OS interface– so lovely. But what on earth were they thinking with the little keys and hockey-puck mouse!!! and no scroll wheel??!

We’re going to some buffalo wing / beer joint over in East Amherst, next to Doc’s family funhouse… is that still there albany dan? i’m on the lookout for a shoot -’em up video game. Romo the homo is meeting us, and i’m hoping that he’ll be a little nicer to me this time. that fuck was so rude last time…. and if you think i’m fishing for an apology here, you’re only partially right. i’m also looking for wings and beer.

Oh, and speaking of visiting 666 in brooklyn this past weekend, she made me this wonderfully crafty ‘cork board’, and gave me a greatest hits book of ramond carver stories. I love the stories– extraordinary tales of ordinary folks… reminds me of albany danno’s writing style and subject matter. Are you a fan, danno?



PR Majors

I just proof-read my subletter’s latest PR paper, and i would just like to say that she writes at a high school level. It is totally laughable to me that she get’s A’s at emerson college for these papers. This would be a C paper anywhere else– maybe C-. And, in six months, she is going to be writing public relations drivel…

Do Linguists Have Fun, too?

Fresh Air is getting stale

ok, some random stranger person called me on my cell phone to tell me that NPR’s Fresh Air was doing a piece on blogging. (listen in Real Audio) This Nunberg guy’s pieces always have this strange fatalistic tone to them– as if the evolution of language over the years has specifically contributed to the debasement of civilization. err something. But then, as if he hadn’t spent the past two and a half minutes ripping up whatever subject he’s talking about, he always has some hopeful thought for the future of such-and-such… you get the sense that this guy doesn’t spend time enjoying the here-and-now.

…the only thing bloggers seem to have in common, is that they have a lot of time on their hands, and an exhibitionist streak…

god, his tone of voice when he says that betrays his elitism and, dare I say, his generation. We know which side of the culture war that he’s on.

Still, I’m not going to deny his points, nor am I worthy of mounting a complicated defense of ‘blogging’… I think that blogging is just another democratic extension of the spirit and freedom that the internet offers. Nunberg admits this, but you get the sense that he doesn’t see in it much inherit value. I know there are good blogs, bad blogs, depressing blogs, and joyous blogs.

Yet, there is something inherently American in it, I think. In so far as anything can be such a thing.


Two of my favorite webloggers, Tina & Mary have both hung up their keyboards for the near future…

I’ve enjoyed Tina’s layouts and photography for almost a year now. And, Mary… well Mary’s got a great eye for color, a bemused wit, and she’s been some help to me with the suckahs site. She even says hi.

I employ you

ok, so here is the funny story about an old friend that I promised–

About a month ago, I received this e-mail from our high school friend Matt:

John, hello. I just had a conversation with Ruby (who is in town today), and she had mentioned that she had a chat with you. She had said that you had just started your own graphics design company.

ok, that’s funny… because I haven’t talked to Ruby (who is the long-time girlfriend of Matt’s twin, Eric), since high school, and never very often. back to the story:

My first reaction was envy (because I’m still in school and I haven’t learned anything that I am trully interested in). But that was short-lived, because I remembered the kinda person you were and the things I always knew you were cabable of. Best of luck to you.


I have a serious inquiry that you may or may not be interested in. If everything goes well, I will be graduating in December with BA’s in Philosophy and Computer Science. I have had enough of the midwest, so I have decided that I will live and work anywhere that is worth the hassle. I have been thinking of the west coast a lot, but my mind is open. This leads me to the following question (which I hope you will take seriously):

at which point I am completely dumbfounded…

do you need any help with your business? What do you say? Sincerely, Matt

What do I say?? My ‘graphics design company’ is a freelance front for me, myself, and me. So, I said that I was an unemployed dot-communist, and I don’t have any jobs to offer.

So very strange! I haven’t talked to him since that summer he came back to buffalo, except for the occasional weird e-mail. So, I guess the more important question is, why the hell is Ruby Hardon (what is her real name?) telling people that she talked to me? I’m flattered, really, that she’d go to all the trouble…