I employ you

ok, so here is the funny story about an old friend that I promised–

About a month ago, I received this e-mail from our high school friend Matt:

John, hello. I just had a conversation with Ruby (who is in town today), and she had mentioned that she had a chat with you. She had said that you had just started your own graphics design company.

ok, that’s funny… because I haven’t talked to Ruby (who is the long-time girlfriend of Matt’s twin, Eric), since high school, and never very often. back to the story:

My first reaction was envy (because I’m still in school and I haven’t learned anything that I am trully interested in). But that was short-lived, because I remembered the kinda person you were and the things I always knew you were cabable of. Best of luck to you.


I have a serious inquiry that you may or may not be interested in. If everything goes well, I will be graduating in December with BA’s in Philosophy and Computer Science. I have had enough of the midwest, so I have decided that I will live and work anywhere that is worth the hassle. I have been thinking of the west coast a lot, but my mind is open. This leads me to the following question (which I hope you will take seriously):

at which point I am completely dumbfounded…

do you need any help with your business? What do you say? Sincerely, Matt

What do I say?? My ‘graphics design company’ is a freelance front for me, myself, and me. So, I said that I was an unemployed dot-communist, and I don’t have any jobs to offer.

So very strange! I haven’t talked to him since that summer he came back to buffalo, except for the occasional weird e-mail. So, I guess the more important question is, why the hell is Ruby Hardon (what is her real name?) telling people that she talked to me? I’m flattered, really, that she’d go to all the trouble…

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