I employ you

ok, so here is the fun­ny sto­ry about an old friend that I promised–

About a month ago, I received this e‑mail from our high school friend Matt:

John, hel­lo. I just had a con­ver­sa­tion with Ruby (who is in town today), and she had men­tioned that she had a chat with you. She had said that you had just start­ed your own graph­ics design company.

ok, that’s fun­ny… because I haven’t talked to Ruby (who is the long-time girl­friend of Mat­t’s twin, Eric), since high school, and nev­er very often. back to the story:

My first reac­tion was envy (because I’m still in school and I haven’t learned any­thing that I am trul­ly inter­est­ed in). But that was short-lived, because I remem­bered the kin­da per­son you were and the things I always knew you were cabable of. Best of luck to you.


I have a seri­ous inquiry that you may or may not be inter­est­ed in. If every­thing goes well, I will be grad­u­at­ing in Decem­ber with BA’s in Phi­los­o­phy and Com­put­er Sci­ence. I have had enough of the mid­west, so I have decid­ed that I will live and work any­where that is worth the has­sle. I have been think­ing of the west coast a lot, but my mind is open. This leads me to the fol­low­ing ques­tion (which I hope you will take seriously):

at which point I am com­plete­ly dumbfounded…

do you need any help with your busi­ness? What do you say? Sin­cere­ly, Matt

What do I say?? My ‘graph­ics design com­pa­ny’ is a free­lance front for me, myself, and me. So, I said that I was an unem­ployed dot-com­mu­nist, and I don’t have any jobs to offer.

So very strange! I haven’t talked to him since that sum­mer he came back to buf­fa­lo, except for the occa­sion­al weird e‑mail. So, I guess the more impor­tant ques­tion is, why the hell is Ruby Hardon (what is her real name?) telling peo­ple that she talked to me? I’m flat­tered, real­ly, that she’d go to all the trouble…

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