we’ve made it the 450 miles downwind from boston to buffalo. The 2 ‘B’s. I’m now sitting at a blueberry imac, trying like fuck to get the hocky-puck mouse to do what i need it to. i’m thrilled to see that suckahs tests well on Mac IE 5.0… i was totally wierded out when we went to visit 666 last weekend– the site worked ok on her imac (ie 4.5), but i made some minor changes to fix little bugs. i totally need an imac in my non-existent design stoodio.

i love the macintosh OS interface– so lovely. But what on earth were they thinking with the little keys and hockey-puck mouse!!! and no scroll wheel??!

We’re going to some buffalo wing / beer joint over in East Amherst, next to Doc’s family funhouse… is that still there albany dan? i’m on the lookout for a shoot -’em up video game. Romo the homo is meeting us, and i’m hoping that he’ll be a little nicer to me this time. that fuck was so rude last time…. and if you think i’m fishing for an apology here, you’re only partially right. i’m also looking for wings and beer.

Oh, and speaking of visiting 666 in brooklyn this past weekend, she made me this wonderfully crafty ‘cork board’, and gave me a greatest hits book of ramond carver stories. I love the stories– extraordinary tales of ordinary folks… reminds me of albany danno’s writing style and subject matter. Are you a fan, danno?

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