we’ve made it the 450 miles down­wind from boston to buf­fa­lo. The 2 ‘B’s. I’m now sit­ting at a blue­ber­ry imac, try­ing like fuck to get the hocky-puck mouse to do what i need it to. i’m thrilled to see that suck­ahs tests well on Mac IE 5.0… i was total­ly wierd­ed out when we went to vis­it 666 last week­end– the site worked ok on her imac (ie 4.5), but i made some minor changes to fix lit­tle bugs. i total­ly need an imac in my non-exis­tent design stoodio.

i love the mac­in­tosh OS inter­face– so love­ly. But what on earth were they think­ing with the lit­tle keys and hock­ey-puck mouse!!! and no scroll wheel??!

We’re going to some buf­fa­lo wing / beer joint over in East Amherst, next to Doc’s fam­i­ly fun­house… is that still there albany dan? i’m on the look­out for a shoot -’em up video game. Romo the homo is meet­ing us, and i’m hop­ing that he’ll be a lit­tle nicer to me this time. that fuck was so rude last time.… and if you think i’m fish­ing for an apol­o­gy here, you’re only par­tial­ly right. i’m also look­ing for wings and beer.

Oh, and speak­ing of vis­it­ing 666 in brook­lyn this past week­end, she made me this won­der­ful­ly crafty ‘cork board’, and gave me a great­est hits book of ramond carv­er sto­ries. I love the sto­ries– extra­or­di­nary tales of ordi­nary folks… reminds me of albany dan­no’s writ­ing style and sub­ject mat­ter. Are you a fan, danno?

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