Christmas Eve Always used to Be Fun

When I was a kid, it was almost more exciting that Christmas day—we’d go to the grandparents house, and there’d be literally hundreds of packages everywhere. you couldn’t walk across the room. If by chance there were outsiders in attendance, they’d be shocked that a family of 6 could wrap so much… and each year we’d up the number. I remember getting a my first trip to NYC in 1995… a sabres jersey (#89 mogilny) in 1989. there was a cabbage patch kid in 1984. It was always a picture perfect commercialized Christmas.

anyway, yada yada yada… basically I’m getting nostalgic for the Christmas I never had.

Also, Presley and I exchanged gifts tonight… and she bought me this amazing book retrospective of RayGun Magazine, possibly the best written and best designed music rag ever. Also, cause I get two presents… she bought me 3 harry potter action figures: quidditch harry, ron, & malfoy. (fucking malfoy) I can’t decide whether I want to play with them, or keep them in their packaging… oh and for my birthday, Pres got me this old framed poster advertisement… something about cold remedies. I will have to study it more when I get back to the city. Thanks sweeties! (too much AbFab)

Also, Jeffy and Jules…. where are you? I hear you are home for the holidays…

<3 you all, happy stuff.

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