Christmas Eve Always used to Be Fun

When I was a kid, it was almost more excit­ing that Christ­mas day—we’d go to the grand­par­ents house, and there’d be lit­er­al­ly hun­dreds of pack­ages every­where. you couldn’t walk across the room. If by chance there were out­siders in atten­dance, they’d be shocked that a fam­i­ly of 6 could wrap so much… and each year we’d up the num­ber. I remem­ber get­ting a my first trip to NYC in 1995… a sabres jer­sey (#89 mogilny) in 1989. there was a cab­bage patch kid in 1984. It was always a pic­ture per­fect com­mer­cial­ized Christmas.

any­way, yada yada yada… basi­cal­ly I’m get­ting nos­tal­gic for the Christ­mas I nev­er had.

Also, Pres­ley and I exchanged gifts tonight… and she bought me this amaz­ing book ret­ro­spec­tive of Ray­Gun Mag­a­zine, pos­si­bly the best writ­ten and best designed music rag ever. Also, cause I get two presents… she bought me 3 har­ry pot­ter action fig­ures: quid­ditch har­ry, ron, & mal­foy. (fuck­ing mal­foy) I can’t decide whether I want to play with them, or keep them in their pack­ag­ing… oh and for my birth­day, Pres got me this old framed poster adver­tise­ment… some­thing about cold reme­dies. I will have to study it more when I get back to the city. Thanks sweet­ies! (too much AbFab)

Also, Jeffy and Jules…. where are you? I hear you are home for the holidays…

3 you all, hap­py stuff.

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