Monthly Archive for January, 2002


i got them.

Only a Dream

Managed to get sucked into drinking with EvilMonkey and Michelle…. We watched AbFab and then Glenndo came over and we had to leave for the silhouette and $6 pitchers. Then darts, Rolling Stones, another pitcher. Then i put on Leonard Cohen. What the fuck? SOme girl named Shane (really?) said “this isn’t bar music.” Bitch.

whoa. My Car Needs this.

whoa. My car needs this.


Hi, new gallery feature up. Not much there now, but maybe i will add some stuff in the future. Vanity is so disgusting.

Speaking of vanity, i need a haircut. so Cay is going to hook me up tomorrow.

And, Gorillaz Live in Boston go on sale tomorrow. They are playing Avalon.

Newbury Comics

I finally bought the latest two EPs from Belle & Sebastian tonight from Newbury Comics. Romo and I were also looking at all of the kooky sunglasses and jewelry in there as well. At one point, he pointed at a very large rainbow ring, and said (point blank in front of an adorable lesbian couple), “Maybe I should get this– I should start making it more obvious.” To which I replied, “maybe you should first work on your walk.”

ba-dam-bum. ::crash::

I’m not much of a comedian.

But I got something funny in my e-mail tonight from Patti, my girlfriend‘s moms. What it was, was one of those e-mail forwards that you are supposed to complete and send back to the original sender, and everyone gets to know a little about everyone else… In this case, I feel like I’m learning more than is legally safe. Some excerpts:

– 13. Best gift you’ve received: unconditional love from a child [is that from Presley? surely not! maybe she is well adjusted. I’m not]
– 19. Loved somebody so much it made you cry?: yes [presley?]
– 22. Sprite or 7 up?: make 7 up yours… sweetheart [ummmmm. ok?]
– 29. Favorite Drink: Sex on the beach….under the dock or on the 50 yd line(with a cold beer chaser) [wouldn’t touch it cos I do know what’s good for me]
– 33. Favorite Sesame Street character: Ernie [Pres likes Bert…. strange…]
– 44. Most annoying thing: People who lie [there must be a story here, somewhere.]
– 51. What CD is in your player right this second: Sounds of the Everglades with music (great to take a nap!) [whew.]
– 53. Current relationship: Excellent!….boy, have I kissed alot of frogs to finally find my prince! [also won’t touch it cos I know what’s good for me]

Was that fun? Random? Should I fill this out and send it back to her? There’s like 54 questions… better yet, should I post it on my about page?

Too many questions… Presley is sleeping next to me, and I am probably keeping her up. Please don’t tell me I’m sappy, but she is the cutest thing when she sleeps. Makes me want to crawl in there with her. In fact, I think I will close Photoshop, and put my headphones down. Today is January 22. Tomorrow, it will be the 5th anniversary of the nite we first said iloveyou. Profess that, poindexter.

Goalie Fight

Anyone who doesn’t think this is hockey, then i don’t know what is. Have you ever seen a goalie kick so much ass?

Home Part 2

hi again, amigos. We’re back in Boston, and happy for it! EvilMonkey, Glenndo, Presley & Megger tried hardily to put together a Harry Potter puzzle on our coffee table. bon amusant!

thanks to Liz, Ashley & Emilie (i do NOT run a small man mill in Boston, I SWEAR) for links… I read you guys regularly, so thanks for sharing your talents…

AND, besides EvilMonkey passing out on the couch tonight, it’s SNOWING. When Presley & I (i AM name dropping tonight, aren’t i?) were in Buffalo, there was 82″, so this little Boston slush is NOTHING. (excuse the caps — $7 pitchers at the Silouette).