Goalie Fight

Any­one who does­n’t think this is hock­ey, then i don’t know what is. Have you ever seen a goalie kick so much ass?

2 Responses to “Goalie Fight”

  • lol yes! hap­pens ever quite so often, it’s great.

  • ris­d’s hock­ey team is insane. although we have no school spon­sored sports teams some eople still feel it nec­es­sary to strap on their body weght in plas­tic and foam (i used to play ice hock­ey myself actu­al­ly) and skate about. the best thing we have going for us is cre­ative insults, although we actu­al­ly some­times win. it’s great, and the best part is our mascot.

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