Newbury Comics

I finally bought the latest two EPs from Belle & Sebastian tonight from Newbury Comics. Romo and I were also looking at all of the kooky sunglasses and jewelry in there as well. At one point, he pointed at a very large rainbow ring, and said (point blank in front of an adorable lesbian couple), “Maybe I should get this– I should start making it more obvious.” To which I replied, “maybe you should first work on your walk.”

ba-dam-bum. ::crash::

I’m not much of a comedian.

But I got something funny in my e-mail tonight from Patti, my girlfriend‘s moms. What it was, was one of those e-mail forwards that you are supposed to complete and send back to the original sender, and everyone gets to know a little about everyone else… In this case, I feel like I’m learning more than is legally safe. Some excerpts:

– 13. Best gift you’ve received: unconditional love from a child [is that from Presley? surely not! maybe she is well adjusted. I’m not]
– 19. Loved somebody so much it made you cry?: yes [presley?]
– 22. Sprite or 7 up?: make 7 up yours… sweetheart [ummmmm. ok?]
– 29. Favorite Drink: Sex on the beach….under the dock or on the 50 yd line(with a cold beer chaser) [wouldn’t touch it cos I do know what’s good for me]
– 33. Favorite Sesame Street character: Ernie [Pres likes Bert…. strange…]
– 44. Most annoying thing: People who lie [there must be a story here, somewhere.]
– 51. What CD is in your player right this second: Sounds of the Everglades with music (great to take a nap!) [whew.]
– 53. Current relationship: Excellent!….boy, have I kissed alot of frogs to finally find my prince! [also won’t touch it cos I know what’s good for me]

Was that fun? Random? Should I fill this out and send it back to her? There’s like 54 questions… better yet, should I post it on my about page?

Too many questions… Presley is sleeping next to me, and I am probably keeping her up. Please don’t tell me I’m sappy, but she is the cutest thing when she sleeps. Makes me want to crawl in there with her. In fact, I think I will close Photoshop, and put my headphones down. Today is January 22. Tomorrow, it will be the 5th anniversary of the nite we first said iloveyou. Profess that, poindexter.

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