Monthly Archive for February, 2002

Check Please?

I think I’m going to take a break from this web site (and that web site) for a while. I’ve been spending too much time in front of this machine, and not enough time looking out for the non-digital me. I’m not sleeping well, I’m not eating well, and it seems silly to spend so much time blogging about bullshit when I’m ignoring the realities. Any comforts and attachments in my life need reexamining or refreshing because they’re stale as hell, and they’ve lulled me into a kind of illusionary state.

So I’m checking out. It could be for a while, or I may retract this tomorrow. I can’t say. I do know that I’m going to Indiana next Friday to see Macy and Jeremy, and I’m truly happy for that.

Tanya Harding vs. Amy Fisher

If you’re broke, you can always pitch a ridiculous tv show idea to the Fox Network. Celebrity Boxing, Who wants to Marry a Millionaire?, When Animals Attack, Pleasure Island, Ally McBeal. I can’t believe there is a market for this crap.


Glenn designed this in 2000. Who designed this?

Spam Sucks or Bill Jones is a Fool

I got some Spam today from Californian Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Jones. This is the most politically insensitive thing he could have done. I’m not a Californian, and I’m sure not a Republican. Dick.

I want iPod

Has anybody out there looked at mp3 players? I can’t see spending $150-$200 for some 64 or 128mb compaq player (which Presley got as a gift)— it’s just not enough music for the money, ya know?

I have seen the iPod, and it’s just so perfect in every possible way. But i’m NOT a mac person. Who is?

Alas, Mediafour is coming through — developing windows software that will make iPod for Windows possible. I mean, I don’t have a job, per se, that i have to commute to or anything… but if i did, iPod would be great company on the green line.

Watching Ellie on my tv

Take Seinfeld, add the visual style of 24, and you get Watching Ellie. That damn clock in the bottom corner of the screen is pointless– it just makes me nervous as Ellie bumbles her was through her day. scratch that– through her 22 minutes. The writing isn’t so bad, and the characters are all good (with the exception of the blonde english boyfriend)… I especially liked her building super, played by Peter Stormare (one of the nihilists from the Big Lebowski).

So, what’s with the real-time stuff? Are we so neurotic a culture that we find this kind of thing interesting? One of the reasons i like Frasier so much, is because of the way they transition between scenes. It gives a second to catch our breath, muse over whatever clever title they give the next scene, and then we see it unfold. Sitcoms are stale, i realize this– but Watching Ellie isn’t more than an experiment. I doubt it will catch on without some rethinking.

Shoot to Ill.

Ok, so contrary to what you may be thinking from my cam picture, we weren’t actually drunk at that point. The pre-party was a bust because megger totally bailed and ben & jenna were both separately late coming over. Oh well. that’s the last time I put up festive pre-party poster decorations.

The Gorillaz show itself was incredibly good– the band played behind a projector screen, on which they projected jamie hewett’s animations. I think most people were expecting to see the inner-workings of the band from time to time, but they didn’t get their wish. You could definitely see damon albarn bouncing up and down as he sung, and I think I could make out a guitar player and drum set, but for the most part it was mystery, smoke and mirrors.

Because, we were standing to the left of the projectors, we could see how they put it all together from a technical point of view. Presley got a set list from the guy who kept feeding Beta tapes into VCRs. Also, the sound board had a little tv screen that showed the performance backstage– probably because the sound-guy was trying to do his job blind. So we did see a bit more of the band than most people.

I don’t know what happened at Toronto– there are negative reviews left and right. Rolling Stone apparently hasn’t read it’s own interviews with Gorillaz, or else they would have realized that the whole point of the band is that the characters are the group. Don’t expect a blur show. The Toronto Star gets it– they just didn’t like it. There are snide shots everywhere– the show, the album, the phenomenon… All I can tell you, Toronto, is that Boston had fun.

Meanwhile, why are the mainstream media still feeding on this? I totally agree with what Bono is doing, but this is an old story, and it’s making him into some kind of demi-god. There will be a time cover story this time next year probably.

Be Here at 6pm.

Be here at 6pm.

Meet Gorillaz
After Virgin Recommends band Gorillaz perform at Avalon, Dan The Automator and Damon Albarn from the animated hip hop group will be stopping by the Virgin Megastore. Dan will treat fans to one of his keen DJ sets, while Damon will be interviewed by our store DJ.

The first 300 people to get in line will get wristbands to guarantee a spot for the performance and interview. Space is limited and the event is subject to store capacity. Midnight for the only Gorillaz in-store in the world! Automator will be spinning and Damon will be hanging to celebrate the release of The Gorillaz new CD “G-Sides”.

The London Dub All-Stars

Tomorrow, Gorillaz rolls into the Avalon, and I have absolutely NO idea what to expect. From the Globe article:

Thirty of the collaborators – tech people, lighting folks, musicians – will be on this tour, with, probably, five or six humans taking the stage at Avalon. (Even the publicist at the group’s record company, Virgin, doesn’t know exactly who will be there.)

So vote in my Gorillaz poll–


Congrats to Canada, for their gold-medal hockey wins (both men and women). It was so much fun to watch all of these teams play, especially this year, when the sabres absolutely suck. I think the Belarus-Sweden game was my favorite.

Anyhoo– it’s good for Canada to get a self-esteem shot in the arm, because they’re good people.

Belle & Sebastian… singing songs for children…

I’ve got 4 tickets for the Belle and Sebastian show at the Orpheum in May. It’s so amazing that they are coming back to the States, cos they really hate touring. I saw them with Jason and Irene at the Morse Auditorium in October of 98, and it was one of the best concerts i’ve ever been to.

Unpopular Policy

There is a debate on educational policy raging on suckahs (see comments). I know people are going to dismiss what I am saying, because what I am saying makes them uncomfortable, or is seemingly contrary to their own life-experience, or values. All I can say is, detach yourself and remove what you think you know– and just listen to what I am saying.

I should mention my professor at BU, Christine Rossell, because she is responsible for convincing me to look at the evidence. Her class and writings redefined the way I see the invective debate surrounding MCAS and Educational reform in general. She taught us to question the assumptions of ’cause-and-effect’, and she has made me a better social scientist because of it.

I want to be courteous to my good friends who are engaging me on the subject, cos I love them all, and I definitively respect their point of views. Sara is going to be a brilliant lawyer some day soon, and meghan will succeed at anything she puts her mind to. That is all.

Wet Hot Guestbook!

Evilmonkey bought Wet Hot American Summer on DVD.

AND due to request, i set up a guestbook. SIGN IT so i can feel popular.

Nader, the war president

Q. Would you have made an effective wartime president?

A. This war would never have happened had I been president, because for 30 years we have had an aviation safety group, and we have been urging the airlines to toughen cockpit doors and improve the strength of the locks, and they have been resisting for 30 years.

Albany Dan thought i would

Albany Dan thought i would enjoy this.

Temporal Palindrome

Jason explains the hubbub over today’s unique date.

Rhode Island

I was back in Providence this weekend. Walked through the RISD museum again, but i didn’t have much time because I had to meet my parents for lunch at a restaurant at the giant mall downtown. It was good to see moms & dad though. Vote on my new poll now.

We R Fam-il-y…

Somehow my instant messenger handle (whipsmart) is listed on this odigo page.

Oh Canada!

Reuter’s is reporting that the Canadian figure skating pair who were the victims of judge vote-swapping, WILL get a duplicate gold medal.

Isn’t Jamie Sale hot?

Uproar phone

I’ve got this sprint pcs mp3 phone from samsung, but there isn’t any support for windows xp! So i’m stuck with the same crap songs, forever. Kasima took it upon himself to build mac OS X drivers. I wish samsung would just get off their collective asses. Their techie support guy insisted that it does work, but jesus he’s mistaken. THUMBS DOWN

Paul McCartney is the Angel of Death

(Ok, sorry. That was a bit much. He is my favorite Beatle) BUT, after the weird circumstances surrounding Linda’s death, I was surprised to hear that George Harrison died at Paul’s house in Los Angeles. kind of.

Funny commentary from inside the

Funny commentary from inside the Olympics.

This has promise to cause

This has promise to cause trouble. And what’s this?

Does this Enron thing piss

Does this Enron thing piss you off as much as it does me?

Pagan’s Head, from Pop-Fiction to Pop-Biography

The Times has a nearly glowing review of Pagan Kennedy’s new book, a historical biography of the African-American missionary William Henry Sheppard. Kennedy used to write this silly ‘zine’ called Pagan’s Head in the 80s, from a crappy little house on Farrington Street, in my neighborhood. 666 and I swapped books by Pagan Kennedy, and I always found her writing quirky and fun. I can’t believe she’s getting good reviews for writing something more academic…