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Check Please?

I think I’m going to take a break from this web site (and that web site) for a while. I’ve been spend­ing too much time in front of this machine, and not enough time look­ing out for the non-dig­i­tal me. I’m not sleep­ing well, I’m not eat­ing well, and it seems sil­ly to spend so much time blog­ging about bull­shit when I’m ignor­ing the real­i­ties. Any com­forts and attach­ments in my life need reex­am­in­ing or refresh­ing because they’re stale as hell, and they’ve lulled me into a kind of illu­sion­ary state.

So I’m check­ing out. It could be for a while, or I may retract this tomor­row. I can’t say. I do know that I’m going to Indi­ana next Fri­day to see Macy and Jere­my, and I’m tru­ly hap­py for that.

Tanya Harding vs. Amy Fisher

If you’re broke, you can always pitch a ridicu­lous tv show idea to the Fox Net­work. Celebri­ty Box­ing, Who wants to Mar­ry a Mil­lion­aire?, When Ani­mals Attack, Plea­sure Island, Ally McBeal. I can’t believe there is a mar­ket for this crap.


Glenn designed this in 2000. Who designed this?

Spam Sucks or Bill Jones is a Fool

I got some Spam today from Cal­i­forn­ian Repub­li­can Guber­na­to­r­i­al can­di­date Bill Jones. This is the most polit­i­cal­ly insen­si­tive thing he could have done. I’m not a Cal­i­forn­ian, and I’m sure not a Repub­li­can. Dick.

I want iPod

Has any­body out there looked at mp3 play­ers? I can’t see spend­ing $150-$200 for some 64 or 128mb com­paq play­er (which Pres­ley got as a gift)— it’s just not enough music for the mon­ey, ya know?

I have seen the iPod, and it’s just so per­fect in every pos­si­ble way. But i’m NOT a mac per­son. Who is?

Alas, Medi­afour is com­ing through — devel­op­ing win­dows soft­ware that will make iPod for Win­dows pos­si­ble. I mean, I don’t have a job, per se, that i have to com­mute to or any­thing… but if i did, iPod would be great com­pa­ny on the green line.

Watching Ellie on my tv

Take Sein­feld, add the visu­al style of 24, and you get Watch­ing Ellie. That damn clock in the bot­tom cor­ner of the screen is point­less– it just makes me ner­vous as Ellie bum­bles her was through her day. scratch that– through her 22 min­utes. The writ­ing isn’t so bad, and the char­ac­ters are all good (with the excep­tion of the blonde eng­lish boyfriend)… I espe­cial­ly liked her build­ing super, played by Peter Stor­mare (one of the nihilists from the Big Lebows­ki).

So, what’s with the real-time stuff? Are we so neu­rot­ic a cul­ture that we find this kind of thing inter­est­ing? One of the rea­sons i like Frasi­er so much, is because of the way they tran­si­tion between scenes. It gives a sec­ond to catch our breath, muse over what­ev­er clever title they give the next scene, and then we see it unfold. Sit­coms are stale, i real­ize this– but Watch­ing Ellie isn’t more than an exper­i­ment. I doubt it will catch on with­out some rethinking.

Shoot to Ill.

Ok, so con­trary to what you may be think­ing from my cam pic­ture, we weren’t actu­al­ly drunk at that point. The pre-par­ty was a bust because meg­ger total­ly bailed and ben & jen­na were both sep­a­rate­ly late com­ing over. Oh well. that’s the last time I put up fes­tive pre-par­ty poster decorations.

The Goril­laz show itself was incred­i­bly good– the band played behind a pro­jec­tor screen, on which they pro­ject­ed jamie hewet­t’s ani­ma­tions. I think most peo­ple were expect­ing to see the inner-work­ings of the band from time to time, but they did­n’t get their wish. You could def­i­nite­ly see damon albarn bounc­ing up and down as he sung, and I think I could make out a gui­tar play­er and drum set, but for the most part it was mys­tery, smoke and mirrors.

Because, we were stand­ing to the left of the pro­jec­tors, we could see how they put it all togeth­er from a tech­ni­cal point of view. Pres­ley got a set list from the guy who kept feed­ing Beta tapes into VCRs. Also, the sound board had a lit­tle tv screen that showed the per­for­mance back­stage– prob­a­bly because the sound-guy was try­ing to do his job blind. So we did see a bit more of the band than most people.

I don’t know what hap­pened at Toron­to– there are neg­a­tive reviews left and right. Rolling Stone appar­ent­ly has­n’t read it’s own inter­views with Goril­laz, or else they would have real­ized that the whole point of the band is that the char­ac­ters are the group. Don’t expect a blur show. The Toron­to Star gets it– they just did­n’t like it. There are snide shots every­where– the show, the album, the phe­nom­e­non… All I can tell you, Toron­to, is that Boston had fun.

Mean­while, why are the main­stream media still feed­ing on this? I total­ly agree with what Bono is doing, but this is an old sto­ry, and it’s mak­ing him into some kind of demi-god. There will be a time cov­er sto­ry this time next year probably.

Be Here at 6pm.

Be here at 6pm.

Meet Goril­laz
After Vir­gin Rec­om­mends band Goril­laz per­form at Aval­on, Dan The Automa­tor and Damon Albarn from the ani­mat­ed hip hop group will be stop­ping by the Vir­gin Mega­s­tore. Dan will treat fans to one of his keen DJ sets, while Damon will be inter­viewed by our store DJ.

The first 300 peo­ple to get in line will get wrist­bands to guar­an­tee a spot for the per­for­mance and inter­view. Space is lim­it­ed and the event is sub­ject to store capac­i­ty. Mid­night for the only Goril­laz in-store in the world! Automa­tor will be spin­ning and Damon will be hang­ing to cel­e­brate the release of The Goril­laz new CD “G‑Sides”.

The London Dub All-Stars

Tomor­row, Goril­laz rolls into the Aval­on, and I have absolute­ly NO idea what to expect. From the Globe article:

Thir­ty of the col­lab­o­ra­tors — tech peo­ple, light­ing folks, musi­cians — will be on this tour, with, prob­a­bly, five or six humans tak­ing the stage at Aval­on. (Even the pub­li­cist at the group’s record com­pa­ny, Vir­gin, does­n’t know exact­ly who will be there.)

So vote in my Goril­laz poll–


Con­grats to Cana­da, for their gold-medal hock­ey wins (both men and women). It was so much fun to watch all of these teams play, espe­cial­ly this year, when the sabres absolute­ly suck. I think the Belarus-Swe­den game was my favorite.

Any­hoo– it’s good for Cana­da to get a self-esteem shot in the arm, because they’re good people.

Belle & Sebastian… singing songs for children…

I’ve got 4 tick­ets for the Belle and Sebas­t­ian show at the Orpheum in May. It’s so amaz­ing that they are com­ing back to the States, cos they real­ly hate tour­ing. I saw them with Jason and Irene at the Morse Audi­to­ri­um in Octo­ber of 98, and it was one of the best con­certs i’ve ever been to.

Unpopular Policy

There is a debate on edu­ca­tion­al pol­i­cy rag­ing on suck­ahs (see com­ments). I know peo­ple are going to dis­miss what I am say­ing, because what I am say­ing makes them uncom­fort­able, or is seem­ing­ly con­trary to their own life-expe­ri­ence, or val­ues. All I can say is, detach your­self and remove what you think you know– and just lis­ten to what I am saying.

I should men­tion my pro­fes­sor at BU, Chris­tine Rossell, because she is respon­si­ble for con­vinc­ing me to look at the evi­dence. Her class and writ­ings rede­fined the way I see the invec­tive debate sur­round­ing MCAS and Edu­ca­tion­al reform in gen­er­al. She taught us to ques­tion the assump­tions of ’cause-and-effect’, and she has made me a bet­ter social sci­en­tist because of it.

I want to be cour­te­ous to my good friends who are engag­ing me on the sub­ject, cos I love them all, and I defin­i­tive­ly respect their point of views. Sara is going to be a bril­liant lawyer some day soon, and meghan will suc­ceed at any­thing she puts her mind to. That is all.

Wet Hot Guestbook!

Evil­monkey bought Wet Hot Amer­i­can Sum­mer on DVD.

AND due to request, i set up a guest­book. SIGN IT so i can feel popular.

Nader, the war president

Q. Would you have made an effec­tive wartime pres­i­dent?

A. This war would nev­er have hap­pened had I been pres­i­dent, because for 30 years we have had an avi­a­tion safe­ty group, and we have been urg­ing the air­lines to tough­en cock­pit doors and improve the strength of the locks, and they have been resist­ing for 30 years.

Albany Dan thought i would

Albany Dan thought i would enjoy this.

Temporal Palindrome

Jason explains the hub­bub over today’s unique date.

Rhode Island

I was back in Prov­i­dence this week­end. Walked through the RISD muse­um again, but i did­n’t have much time because I had to meet my par­ents for lunch at a restau­rant at the giant mall down­town. It was good to see moms & dad though. Vote on my new poll now.

We R Fam-il‑y…

Some­how my instant mes­sen­ger han­dle (whips­mart) is list­ed on this odi­go page.

Oh Canada!

Reuter’s is report­ing that the Cana­di­an fig­ure skat­ing pair who were the vic­tims of judge vote-swap­ping, WILL get a dupli­cate gold medal.

Isn’t Jamie Sale hot?

Uproar phone

I’ve got this sprint pcs mp3 phone from sam­sung, but there isn’t any sup­port for win­dows xp! So i’m stuck with the same crap songs, for­ev­er. Kasi­ma took it upon him­self to build mac OS X dri­vers. I wish sam­sung would just get off their col­lec­tive ass­es. Their techie sup­port guy insist­ed that it does work, but jesus he’s mis­tak­en. THUMBS DOWN

Paul McCartney is the Angel of Death

(Ok, sor­ry. That was a bit much. He is my favorite Bea­t­le) BUT, after the weird cir­cum­stances sur­round­ing Lin­da’s death, I was sur­prised to hear that George Har­ri­son died at Paul’s house in Los Ange­les. kind of.

Funny commentary from inside the

Fun­ny com­men­tary from inside the Olympics.

This has promise to cause

This has promise to cause trou­ble. And what’s this?

Does this Enron thing piss

Does this Enron thing piss you off as much as it does me?

Pagan’s Head, from Pop-Fiction to Pop-Biography

The Times has a near­ly glow­ing review of Pagan Kennedy’s new book, a his­tor­i­cal biog­ra­phy of the African-Amer­i­can mis­sion­ary William Hen­ry Shep­pard. Kennedy used to write this sil­ly ‘zine’ called Pagan’s Head in the 80s, from a crap­py lit­tle house on Far­ring­ton Street, in my neigh­bor­hood. 666 and I swapped books by Pagan Kennedy, and I always found her writ­ing quirky and fun. I can’t believe she’s get­ting good reviews for writ­ing some­thing more academic…