Even Nogano was better

I am slightly embarrassed at the underwhelming nature of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Salt Lake City. The coverage courtesy Bob Costas and Katie Couric was, at times, laughable (Costas demanding “What am I doing” with the mic on), and at other times offensive (Costas smirking, “and here is Uzbekistan, a land-locked nation in central-Asia… They don’t have any chance here at these games.”) The Albertville ceremonies were fun and elegant, and Lillehammer was nothing short of awe-inspiring. And, although I wasn’t as impressed with Nagano, I think that Salt Lake showcased “Red-America” at its worst. I love that after the Native Americans completed their solemn flute playing and well-wishing, the white pioneers come rolling in with their tacky hats. OH! and the Asian-Pacific Railroad workers were curiously integrated into the hoedown. This county is so ahistoric sometimes.

It was one big American wank-off, and I think that The International Olympic Committee was correct in not allowing the U.S. team to carry in the WTC flag. As it was, it was the least international of any Olympic games I have ever seen. I’m a huge hockey fan, but i think that letting the ’80 hockey team light the torch was just boring. Atlanta got Muhammed Ali for christ sake. That guy is someone to admire. Why not get the ’80 US captain (a BU grad) and the ’80 Soviet captain to light it together? Too international? Is the cold war still being fought in Utah? Red-America isn’t the silent majority anymore.

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  • I forgot to add that on both saturday and sunday, we looked for Olympic coverage on all of the NBC stations. NOTHING. NBC had NasCar and the NBA All-Star Game. Does that mean we are watching taped coverage during prime-time?

  • it makes costas’ comment about finally being “live at the olympics” a bit premature. SOOOOO disappointed thus far.

  • and why didn’t i get to see our first gold medal (a female snowboarder no less!) win?! i had to read about it today. GOD!

  • i think some of the coverage at night is taped. also, NBC has coverage LATE LATE at night, which is when i saw the snowboard thing.

  • yea– i saw that late last night too. At least today it’s on MSNBC during the day. (which is what i figured they’d do all weekend)

  • STILL! why couldn’t i see it LIVE?! i mean, who cares about cars driving in circles! especially when its the trial runs and not even the real race.

    give me snowboarding! and while you at it, more of everything else too.

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