Even Nogano was better

I am slight­ly embar­rassed at the under­whelm­ing nature of the Olympic Open­ing Cer­e­monies in Salt Lake City. The cov­er­age cour­tesy Bob Costas and Katie Couric was, at times, laugh­able (Costas demand­ing “What am I doing” with the mic on), and at oth­er times offen­sive (Costas smirk­ing, “and here is Uzbek­istan, a land-locked nation in cen­tral-Asia… They don’t have any chance here at these games.”) The Albertville cer­e­monies were fun and ele­gant, and Lille­ham­mer was noth­ing short of awe-inspir­ing. And, although I was­n’t as impressed with Nagano, I think that Salt Lake show­cased “Red-Amer­i­ca” at its worst. I love that after the Native Amer­i­cans com­plet­ed their solemn flute play­ing and well-wish­ing, the white pio­neers come rolling in with their tacky hats. OH! and the Asian-Pacif­ic Rail­road work­ers were curi­ous­ly inte­grat­ed into the hoe­down. This coun­ty is so ahis­toric sometimes.

It was one big Amer­i­can wank-off, and I think that The Inter­na­tion­al Olympic Com­mit­tee was cor­rect in not allow­ing the U.S. team to car­ry in the WTC flag. As it was, it was the least inter­na­tion­al of any Olympic games I have ever seen. I’m a huge hock­ey fan, but i think that let­ting the ’80 hock­ey team light the torch was just bor­ing. Atlanta got Muhammed Ali for christ sake. That guy is some­one to admire. Why not get the ’80 US cap­tain (a BU grad) and the ’80 Sovi­et cap­tain to light it togeth­er? Too inter­na­tion­al? Is the cold war still being fought in Utah? Red-Amer­i­ca isn’t the silent major­i­ty anymore.

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  • I for­got to add that on both sat­ur­day and sun­day, we looked for Olympic cov­er­age on all of the NBC sta­tions. NOTHING. NBC had NasCar and the NBA All-Star Game. Does that mean we are watch­ing taped cov­er­age dur­ing prime-time?

  • it makes costas’ com­ment about final­ly being “live at the olympics” a bit pre­ma­ture. SOOOOO dis­ap­point­ed thus far.

  • and why did­n’t i get to see our first gold medal (a female snow­board­er no less!) win?! i had to read about it today. GOD!

  • i think some of the cov­er­age at night is taped. also, NBC has cov­er­age LATE LATE at night, which is when i saw the snow­board thing.

  • yea– i saw that late last night too. At least today it’s on MSNBC dur­ing the day. (which is what i fig­ured they’d do all weekend)

  • STILL! why could­n’t i see it LIVE?! i mean, who cares about cars dri­ving in cir­cles! espe­cial­ly when its the tri­al runs and not even the real race.

    give me snow­board­ing! and while you at it, more of every­thing else too.

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