Olympics — Day four

Ok, giv­en what I said about the Salt Lake Open­ing Cer­e­monies, the cov­er­age I’ve seen has been real­ly quite good. I watched the wom­en’s 15k biathlon, which is this gru­el­ing cross-coun­try ski­ing sport where you have to shoot out tar­gets as big as a quar­ter– except that they’re 200 yards away. amazing.

And now the Wom­en’s Ice Hock­ey Cana­da vs. Kaza­khstan is on, and it’s a total­ly dif­fer­ent game from what I’m used to watch­ing in the NHL. It’s fas­ci­nat­ing… espe­cial­ly the Kaza­khs, because they’re get­ting out­shot 16–0 in the first peri­od, but their goal­tender truno­va is keep­ing them in it. That woman is quite an ath­lete. Every time the Kaza­khs come out of their zone, they get stood up or poked at the Cana­dia blue line… they just can’t crack it. Even on the pow­er­play, they had no good chances. Cana­da looks phys­i­cal­ly about twice as big, but they’re not as fun to watch.

Still, you can’t stay in it long with­out a shot on goal.

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