Unpopular Policy

There is a debate on edu­ca­tion­al pol­i­cy rag­ing on suck­ahs (see com­ments). I know peo­ple are going to dis­miss what I am say­ing, because what I am say­ing makes them uncom­fort­able, or is seem­ing­ly con­trary to their own life-expe­ri­ence, or val­ues. All I can say is, detach your­self and remove what you think you know– and just lis­ten to what I am saying.

I should men­tion my pro­fes­sor at BU, Chris­tine Rossell, because she is respon­si­ble for con­vinc­ing me to look at the evi­dence. Her class and writ­ings rede­fined the way I see the invec­tive debate sur­round­ing MCAS and Edu­ca­tion­al reform in gen­er­al. She taught us to ques­tion the assump­tions of ’cause-and-effect’, and she has made me a bet­ter social sci­en­tist because of it.

I want to be cour­te­ous to my good friends who are engag­ing me on the sub­ject, cos I love them all, and I defin­i­tive­ly respect their point of views. Sara is going to be a bril­liant lawyer some day soon, and meghan will suc­ceed at any­thing she puts her mind to. That is all.

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