Shoot to Ill.

Ok, so con­trary to what you may be think­ing from my cam pic­ture, we weren’t actu­al­ly drunk at that point. The pre-par­ty was a bust because meg­ger total­ly bailed and ben & jen­na were both sep­a­rate­ly late com­ing over. Oh well. that’s the last time I put up fes­tive pre-par­ty poster decorations.

The Goril­laz show itself was incred­i­bly good– the band played behind a pro­jec­tor screen, on which they pro­ject­ed jamie hewet­t’s ani­ma­tions. I think most peo­ple were expect­ing to see the inner-work­ings of the band from time to time, but they did­n’t get their wish. You could def­i­nite­ly see damon albarn bounc­ing up and down as he sung, and I think I could make out a gui­tar play­er and drum set, but for the most part it was mys­tery, smoke and mirrors.

Because, we were stand­ing to the left of the pro­jec­tors, we could see how they put it all togeth­er from a tech­ni­cal point of view. Pres­ley got a set list from the guy who kept feed­ing Beta tapes into VCRs. Also, the sound board had a lit­tle tv screen that showed the per­for­mance back­stage– prob­a­bly because the sound-guy was try­ing to do his job blind. So we did see a bit more of the band than most people.

I don’t know what hap­pened at Toron­to– there are neg­a­tive reviews left and right. Rolling Stone appar­ent­ly has­n’t read it’s own inter­views with Goril­laz, or else they would have real­ized that the whole point of the band is that the char­ac­ters are the group. Don’t expect a blur show. The Toron­to Star gets it– they just did­n’t like it. There are snide shots every­where– the show, the album, the phe­nom­e­non… All I can tell you, Toron­to, is that Boston had fun.

Mean­while, why are the main­stream media still feed­ing on this? I total­ly agree with what Bono is doing, but this is an old sto­ry, and it’s mak­ing him into some kind of demi-god. There will be a time cov­er sto­ry this time next year probably.

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  • about the bono thing, as much as i like [old­school] u2, i just have this tiny prob­lem tak­ing any­one who wears glass­es like that seri­ous­ly. KABOOM!!!!!!1111

  • your cam makes me look like ive been punched in the eye.

    nice for­mat but­tons by-the-way.

  • sweet­ie, you’re like a dead hook­er in that pho­to– that’s how good you look. mean­while my piece is crap late­ly. i think i should either buzz it or go BLACK.

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