Shoot to Ill.

Ok, so contrary to what you may be thinking from my cam picture, we weren’t actually drunk at that point. The pre-party was a bust because megger totally bailed and ben & jenna were both separately late coming over. Oh well. that’s the last time I put up festive pre-party poster decorations.

The Gorillaz show itself was incredibly good– the band played behind a projector screen, on which they projected jamie hewett’s animations. I think most people were expecting to see the inner-workings of the band from time to time, but they didn’t get their wish. You could definitely see damon albarn bouncing up and down as he sung, and I think I could make out a guitar player and drum set, but for the most part it was mystery, smoke and mirrors.

Because, we were standing to the left of the projectors, we could see how they put it all together from a technical point of view. Presley got a set list from the guy who kept feeding Beta tapes into VCRs. Also, the sound board had a little tv screen that showed the performance backstage– probably because the sound-guy was trying to do his job blind. So we did see a bit more of the band than most people.

I don’t know what happened at Toronto– there are negative reviews left and right. Rolling Stone apparently hasn’t read it’s own interviews with Gorillaz, or else they would have realized that the whole point of the band is that the characters are the group. Don’t expect a blur show. The Toronto Star gets it– they just didn’t like it. There are snide shots everywhere– the show, the album, the phenomenon… All I can tell you, Toronto, is that Boston had fun.

Meanwhile, why are the mainstream media still feeding on this? I totally agree with what Bono is doing, but this is an old story, and it’s making him into some kind of demi-god. There will be a time cover story this time next year probably.

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