Check Please?

I think I’m going to take a break from this web site (and that web site) for a while. I’ve been spending too much time in front of this machine, and not enough time looking out for the non-digital me. I’m not sleeping well, I’m not eating well, and it seems silly to spend so much time blogging about bullshit when I’m ignoring the realities. Any comforts and attachments in my life need reexamining or refreshing because they’re stale as hell, and they’ve lulled me into a kind of illusionary state.

So I’m checking out. It could be for a while, or I may retract this tomorrow. I can’t say. I do know that I’m going to Indiana next Friday to see Macy and Jeremy, and I’m truly happy for that.

5 Responses to “Check Please?”

  • man, that sucks. I’m always checking out your page. hurry back!

  • We’re truly happy for your visit too, my love. I’m telling you, all you need is a little Hoosier hospitality and you’ll be as right as rain. But if you need to take a break from the digital world, go for it. Everybody needs to have active change in their lives once in a while. Do what you feel is best. And try to smile cause I have a HUGE crush on you.

  • macy what did i tell you about flirting with my boyfriend? i swear to christ, one of these days i’m just going to start hitting on jeremy.

  • I could use some hoosier hospitality

  • i saw the non digital you the other day. he was talking in an irish accent and staggering around at 3 am on the street. he’s pretty cool..

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