Check Please?

I think I’m going to take a break from this web site (and that web site) for a while. I’ve been spend­ing too much time in front of this machine, and not enough time look­ing out for the non-dig­i­tal me. I’m not sleep­ing well, I’m not eat­ing well, and it seems sil­ly to spend so much time blog­ging about bull­shit when I’m ignor­ing the real­i­ties. Any com­forts and attach­ments in my life need reex­am­in­ing or refresh­ing because they’re stale as hell, and they’ve lulled me into a kind of illu­sion­ary state.

So I’m check­ing out. It could be for a while, or I may retract this tomor­row. I can’t say. I do know that I’m going to Indi­ana next Fri­day to see Macy and Jere­my, and I’m tru­ly hap­py for that.

5 Responses to “Check Please?”

  • man, that sucks. I’m always check­ing out your page. hur­ry back!

  • We’re tru­ly hap­py for your vis­it too, my love. I’m telling you, all you need is a lit­tle Hoosier hos­pi­tal­i­ty and you’ll be as right as rain. But if you need to take a break from the dig­i­tal world, go for it. Every­body needs to have active change in their lives once in a while. Do what you feel is best. And try to smile cause I have a HUGE crush on you.

  • macy what did i tell you about flirt­ing with my boyfriend? i swear to christ, one of these days i’m just going to start hit­ting on jeremy.

  • I could use some hoosier hospitality

  • i saw the non dig­i­tal you the oth­er day. he was talk­ing in an irish accent and stag­ger­ing around at 3 am on the street. he’s pret­ty cool..

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