Tanya Harding vs. Amy Fisher

If you’re broke, you can always pitch a ridicu­lous tv show idea to the Fox Net­work. Celebri­ty Box­ing, Who wants to Mar­ry a Mil­lion­aire?, When Ani­mals Attack, Plea­sure Island, Ally McBeal. I can’t believe there is a mar­ket for this crap.

8 Responses to “Tanya Harding vs. Amy Fisher”

  • If you had no choice but to do it, who would you have sex with, Tonya Hard­ing or Amy Fis­ch­er? Actu­al­ly, that’s not fair. How about Tonya Hard­ing vs. Gre­ta van Susteren?

  • The plans must have changed since the FOX web­site lists the fight­ers as Tonya Hard­ing vs. Paula Jones.

    I’m def­i­nite­ly going to watch this. Vanil­la Ice?! =o

  • If I Had the oppor­tu­ni­ty I would have sex with both Tonya Hard­ing and Amy Fish­er at once…Let’s face it, I love the taste of a woman.…Woooo…

  • tanya hard­ing fucks good her video
    showed it

  • I would do, one, the oth­er or both at once.

  • I would pay Tanya a mil­lion bucks for a date!

  • I think Tanya is prob­a­bly, or was the best fig­ure skater in the world, her hub­by did­n’t give her any con­fi­dence in her­self. She sure is a good look­ing young woman. I wish I was single.

  • you are my dream girl.

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