Neu CDs

Albany Dan and I walked around a lot this week­end. Sat­ur­day we spent in Prov­i­dence, tak­ing an impro­vised archi­tec­ture tour, and look­ing in book­shops and cafes.

Today we spent in the Back Bay tak­ing pho­tos of his grand­moth­er’s dorm room from 1938, on Com­mon­wealth Ave, and also man­aged to squeeze into new­bury comics where I bought Sum­mer Teeth by Wilco, and then I found a Stere­o­lab boot­leg at Smash City Records. I’ve bought bootlegs at this record store since ’96… how come no one has called them on it? PLEEEASE don’t. but I can’t believe some elek­tra exec has­n’t wan­dered in there and spot­ted them. the cds are $15, but I used to pay like $10 for cas­sette tapes back then. and they’re total­ly just ordi­nary TDK audio tapes. well, mon­ey well spent I always say.

there is some­thing beau­ti­ful­ly cere­bral about stere­o­lab– they’ve got­ten me through 50-page papers, all-night pho­to­shop­ping, 60-minute T (sub­way) rides, and god knows what else. For some rea­son they allow for both hyper-focus, and zoned-out dream­ing. What a glo­ri­ous noise. Which reminds me, we had tick­ets to see them in 2000 (or was it 99?), and we could­n’t go because I had a nasty research paper on 19th c. russ­ian lit due.… which, of course, I had put off to the last minute.

I’m look­ing on E‑bay for those high-qual­i­ty tour posters they’re known for– so if any­body knows where I can find some, do tell.

Also, we talked to 666 tonight by tele­phone, and she was as vivid and charm­ing as ever. I heart her and I may even heart her more once I get more acquaint­ed with this Wilco Album.

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