Neu CDs

Albany Dan and I walked around a lot this weekend. Saturday we spent in Providence, taking an improvised architecture tour, and looking in bookshops and cafes.

Today we spent in the Back Bay taking photos of his grandmother’s dorm room from 1938, on Commonwealth Ave, and also managed to squeeze into newbury comics where I bought Summer Teeth by Wilco, and then I found a Stereolab bootleg at Smash City Records. I’ve bought bootlegs at this record store since ’96… how come no one has called them on it? PLEEEASE don’t. but I can’t believe some elektra exec hasn’t wandered in there and spotted them. the cds are $15, but I used to pay like $10 for cassette tapes back then. and they’re totally just ordinary TDK audio tapes. well, money well spent I always say.

there is something beautifully cerebral about stereolab– they’ve gotten me through 50-page papers, all-night photoshopping, 60-minute T (subway) rides, and god knows what else. For some reason they allow for both hyper-focus, and zoned-out dreaming. What a glorious noise. Which reminds me, we had tickets to see them in 2000 (or was it 99?), and we couldn’t go because I had a nasty research paper on 19th c. russian lit due…. which, of course, I had put off to the last minute.

I’m looking on E-bay for those high-quality tour posters they’re known for– so if anybody knows where I can find some, do tell.

Also, we talked to 666 tonight by telephone, and she was as vivid and charming as ever. I heart her and I may even heart her more once I get more acquainted with this Wilco Album.

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