When Emo Hits Hawaii, You Know it’s Everywhere

I don’t know if I quite get emo kids, but I try. It’s kinda fascinating how much the word ‘emo’ has penetrated into our cultural dialogue, yet so many people can’t agree on what ‘emo’ actually stands for. I mean, by some accounts, straight emo music is dead. What happens when someone decides to label Weezer, a very successful melodic rock band, emo? Or when very good bands, try desperately to attach themselves to the emerging bandwagon?

And yet, it affects culture—in music and style. It’s hard to ignore the reality that the Gap last fall looked more like a retail punk rock glam store than the usual bland pastel plaid shirts and acid-wash jeans store. Maybe I have an urban bias here, but it seems to me that no one wants to dress like fred dirst. Don’t dismiss that observation as obvious—it’s not obvious given the dominance of the Limp in the music scene of the past few years (is Creed still number 1?!). But, even the Gap has moved on. Even Honolulu has Emo kids now. I’m sure Peoria and Duluth do too. Isn’t that odd?

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