Bishop Coverup

God damn, the priest scandal is out of control here in Boston. Both the NY Times-owned Globe, and the NY Post-like Herald have written Editorials demanding that Cardinal Law step down.

I can’t believe that Cardinal Law is going to last many more weeks.

So, you’re an 80 year-old mother of 11, and former Catholic school teacher… What happens when you write a letter to your bishop, demanding an explanation for why he covered up a child-pornographer-priest? You get yelled at:

Archbishop’s letter to Jeanne Bast

Dear Ms. Bast,

I am surprised that a woman your age and with your background would write such a negative letter in the secular press against me without any previous dialogue. You should be ashamed of yourself! At least you should have reviewed my statement regarding Father Allgaier and checked the facts before making such a statement.

The Church has enough trouble defending herself against non-Catholic attacks without having to contend with disloyal Catholics.

For your penance you say one Hail Mary for me.

I am sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Elden Francis Curtiss
Archbishop of Omaha

Is it any wonder people don’t find spirituality in organized religion? This asinine shit?

Memo to: Bishop Curtiss, cc: the Pope

Wake UP! it’s time for another Reformation. No more kissing rings and dressing up in pink robes. No more of this ‘infallibility’ bullshit. If a priest touches you, he is being incredibly fallible. God, I feel so bad for the majority of good priests. Still, there is a culture of secrecy and hierarchy, and it’s time for it to end. it’s time to rethink the celibacy requirement, and maybe it’s time to give women more of an opportunity to lead, spiritually.

This is still an incredibly medieval institution, which is fucking depressing to me. Think of that. There were popes in the 9th and 10th century who had wives and children. Shit was fucked up then.

5 Responses to “Bishop Coverup”

  • as the other catholic in this circle, i feel as though i should say something — but these are all reasons i hate my religion, so…i guess i’m just seeing it all come to light for everyone else.

    the end.

  • isn’t that awful? to hate one’s religion?

    if you’re living and breathing in the modern world, it’s impossible to be a Catholic without accepting some serious contradictions (and not a few hypocrises). I’m suprised the church hasn’t changed more.

  • lmao, these priest stories. i love it. if you have aol.. go to keyword: news and type “priest + boys” lmao, you get like 60 matches. they should make a movie or something…

  • My statistics prof. (of all people) made a good point today: The Cardinal Bernard Law here in Boston, if he was any other person who knowingly employed a pedophile and helped him avoid getting caught, would be in jail right now. Odd how that hasn’t come up, huh?

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