Bishop Coverup

God damn, the priest scan­dal is out of con­trol here in Boston. Both the NY Times-owned Globe, and the NY Post-like Her­ald have writ­ten Edi­to­ri­als demand­ing that Car­di­nal Law step down.

I can’t believe that Car­di­nal Law is going to last many more weeks.

So, you’re an 80 year-old moth­er of 11, and for­mer Catholic school teacher… What hap­pens when you write a let­ter to your bish­op, demand­ing an expla­na­tion for why he cov­ered up a child-pornog­ra­ph­er-priest? You get yelled at:

Archbishop’s letter to Jeanne Bast

Dear Ms. Bast,

I am sur­prised that a woman your age and with your back­ground would write such a neg­a­tive let­ter in the sec­u­lar press against me with­out any pre­vi­ous dia­logue. You should be ashamed of your­self! At least you should have reviewed my state­ment regard­ing Father All­gaier and checked the facts before mak­ing such a statement.

The Church has enough trou­ble defend­ing her­self against non-Catholic attacks with­out hav­ing to con­tend with dis­loy­al Catholics.

For your penance you say one Hail Mary for me.

I am sin­cere­ly yours in Christ,
Most Rev­erend Elden Fran­cis Curtiss
Arch­bish­op of Omaha

Is it any won­der peo­ple don’t find spir­i­tu­al­i­ty in orga­nized reli­gion? This asi­nine shit?

Memo to: Bish­op Cur­tiss, cc: the Pope

Wake UP! it’s time for anoth­er Ref­or­ma­tion. No more kiss­ing rings and dress­ing up in pink robes. No more of this ‘infal­li­bil­i­ty’ bull­shit. If a priest touch­es you, he is being incred­i­bly fal­li­ble. God, I feel so bad for the major­i­ty of good priests. Still, there is a cul­ture of secre­cy and hier­ar­chy, and it’s time for it to end. it’s time to rethink the celiba­cy require­ment, and maybe it’s time to give women more of an oppor­tu­ni­ty to lead, spiritually.

This is still an incred­i­bly medieval insti­tu­tion, which is fuck­ing depress­ing to me. Think of that. There were popes in the 9th and 10th cen­tu­ry who had wives and chil­dren. Shit was fucked up then.

5 Responses to “Bishop Coverup”

  • as the oth­er catholic in this cir­cle, i feel as though i should say some­thing — but these are all rea­sons i hate my reli­gion, so…i guess i’m just see­ing it all come to light for every­one else.

    the end.

  • isn’t that awful? to hate one’s religion?

    if you’re liv­ing and breath­ing in the mod­ern world, it’s impos­si­ble to be a Catholic with­out accept­ing some seri­ous con­tra­dic­tions (and not a few hypocrises). I’m suprised the church has­n’t changed more.

  • lmao, these priest sto­ries. i love it. if you have aol.. go to key­word: news and type “priest + boys” lmao, you get like 60 match­es. they should make a movie or something…

  • My sta­tis­tics prof. (of all peo­ple) made a good point today: The Car­di­nal Bernard Law here in Boston, if he was any oth­er per­son who know­ing­ly employed a pedophile and helped him avoid get­ting caught, would be in jail right now. Odd how that has­n’t come up, huh?

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