Art is Art?

Flip­ping to the Op-Ed page of the Boston Globe today, I was suprised and encour­aged to see that they print­ed a col­umn crit­i­ciz­ing a recent exhib­it at the Jew­ish Muse­um in New York. This kind of exhib­it, which fea­tured works that use Holo­caust themes (and nazi sym­bols) in a post­mod­ernist con­text of irony and kitsch, seems so tired and done-before, and con­tributes lit­tle to the tra­di­tion of Art and cul­tur­al offer­ings in this country.

And if the Globe isn’t a suf­fi­cient­ly Lib­er­al source, (it’s prob­a­bly the most Lib­er­al major news­pa­per of record, thank­ful­ly), The Vil­lage Voice offered a neg­a­tive review too. I’d be inter­est­ed to hear first-hand, from peo­ple who’ve attend­ed it. Any­one checked it out?

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