It’s Spring

I put up a new semi-tem­po­rary design at, for spring. It seemed sil­ly to have snowflakes falling in April.

When I get the chance, I want to sit down with a few peo­ple and come up with a mas­ter plan for suck­ahs in the com­ing months. I’d like to extend the site to include some writ­ing — be it reviews, com­men­tary, arti­cles, fea­tures, pho­to essays, comix, or what­ev­er. I don’t want to turn this into a zine, that requires an intense amount of work, how­ev­er it would be nice to cap­ture and share some of the tal­ents the group possesses.

I think that it may add to the dis­cus­sion, and pro­vide all of us with some­thing to write about. That is always the prob­lem to get around, with blogs… find­ing some­thing to write about.

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