(I’m going to do some­thing very very bad. I’m going to com­pare a band to the Strokes. I do this only to pro­mote them, cos they rock.)

Grow­ing up in a ass-back­wards place like Buf­fa­lo, we were priv­i­leged to get Toron­to radio sta­tions, espe­cial­ly cfny 102.1 the edge. We heard things like Blur, Mor­ris­sey, Nir­vana and oth­ers before MTV or the cor­po­rate state­side sta­tions picked them up. We were fortunate.

Also, from time to time, some­one would go and com­pare Toron­to to New York, as if some­how there is a fuck­ing com­par­i­son. But, in a way, I think the dif­fer­ences between these two cities are emblem­at­ic of the cul­tur­al dif­fer­ences between the US and Cana­da. Toron­to is very 20th cen­tu­ry, the peo­ple are nice, and har­mo­ny abounds. New York is very turn-of-the-cen­tu­ry, at best the peo­ple aren’t naive­ly nice, and a city this big is about as frac­tious as drop­ping a rose dipped in nitrogen.

If we extend the cul­tur­al dichoto­my to include music, one could hard­ly find a bet­ter mod­ern exam­ple of New York Rock n’ Roll than the Strokes– fran­tic as a mid-town cab ride, inso­lent as hell, easy to look at, and yet, utter­ly bril­liant song-writ­ers and performers.

I’d argue that Sloan is the band Toron­to can claim as their own (all though they’re from hal­i­fax). Style-wise, Sloan might look like the Strokes’ B‑team, or under­stud­ies– they’re kin­da dorky, and almost a decade old­er. There music draws from sim­i­lar 70’s rock sources as the Strokes, but they are more har­mon­ic and straight-for­ward in deliv­ery. If Toron­to is New York with­out all the bag­gage, then Sloan is the Strokes on prozac.

And one more point of com­par­i­son! Sloan just got signed to RCA, the label that signed the Strokes, and their new album Pret­ty Togeth­er will be out lat­er this month.

watch some videos:

If It Feels Good Do It [56k] [dsl]
The Oth­er Man [56k] [dsl]

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