I Like Girls with Glasses.

I like girls with glasses.

Glasses, like small breasts, seem to be one of those things that women automatically assume men find unattractive.

5 Responses to “I Like Girls with Glasses.”

  • Way to fix that link, Big Junk! (oh, and by the way, the girl in the photo certainly didn’t have small breasts).

  • no she did not.

    but i have both. does that make me extra attractive? shit.

  • Dear Lord, what did I start?

  • I think women who wear glasses are fantastic and just as, and in some cases even more beautiful then those who don’t. I find they tend to be more realistic about their appearance and not as consumed with “the perfect look” as women are constantly being told they must have. The glasses have to be there for obvious reasons so these women simply adapt to that need and they take just as much care and effort to achieve a look they are happy with that includes the glasses as a woman with perfect eyesight does. Having to wear glasses doesn’t make you any more or less of any type of person. They simply become a part of how you look. Fashion is not personality and the so called “cover girl” look doesn’t make you a better person either. If you have to wear glasses then make them a part of you and your look. Its a much better look than having the cover girl face and falling over things you can’t see !

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