I Like Girls with Glasses.

I like girls with glass­es.

Glass­es, like small breasts, seem to be one of those things that women auto­mat­i­cal­ly assume men find unattractive.

5 Responses to “I Like Girls with Glasses.”

  • Way to fix that link, Big Junk! (oh, and by the way, the girl in the pho­to cer­tain­ly did­n’t have small breasts).

  • no she did not.

    but i have both. does that make me extra attrac­tive? shit.

  • Dear Lord, what did I start?

  • I think women who wear glass­es are fan­tas­tic and just as, and in some cas­es even more beau­ti­ful then those who don’t. I find they tend to be more real­is­tic about their appear­ance and not as con­sumed with “the per­fect look” as women are con­stant­ly being told they must have. The glass­es have to be there for obvi­ous rea­sons so these women sim­ply adapt to that need and they take just as much care and effort to achieve a look they are hap­py with that includes the glass­es as a woman with per­fect eye­sight does. Hav­ing to wear glass­es does­n’t make you any more or less of any type of per­son. They sim­ply become a part of how you look. Fash­ion is not per­son­al­i­ty and the so called “cov­er girl” look does­n’t make you a bet­ter per­son either. If you have to wear glass­es then make them a part of you and your look. Its a much bet­ter look than hav­ing the cov­er girl face and falling over things you can’t see !

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