I’ve got some music links i’d like to pass along:

  • Sub­pop released the new Shins video [real playr]
  • also, check out the Shins’ first video, quite pos­si­bly the most beau­ti­ful song ever writ­ten [real playr]

and, sub­pop is also releas­ing a DVD [trail­er — 9mb quick­time] of Damon and Nao­mi, the 2 oth­er for­mer mem­bers of the sem­i­nal 80’s indie slow­core band Galax­ie 500… (the oth­er being Dean Ware­ham now of Luna).

1 Response to “subpop”

  • Where do you find all these cool videos, Big Junk? Or all these good bands? Also, its a god­damn shame about Galax­ie 500.

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