I’ve always professed a fondness for the logotype of WBFO, even if the University at Buffalo station only broadcasts NPR news for a few hours on the day. I remember seeing it on bumper stickers in the car parking lots—i swear they were only to be found on older european junkers, like a mustard-yellow Volvo 240 diesel, or a white 1979 BMW 320. Anyway, their web site spiffed-up the old logotype with some very lovely color. Kudos.

Boston University’s WBUR has a good logotype too.

SO – maybe I’m on to something here… NPR stations are non-commercial, yet their audience demographic is highliy-educated, and wealthier than the AM-talk set. Therefore it might make sense to have a more sophisticated image. Here’s the logotypes for other cities my fellow suckahs reside in:

washington, dc new york city, ny
bloomington, in los angeles, ca

albany, ny

Does my theory hold? Well, WAMC is a huge station, yet their logo resembles an AM talk station. WNYC is funky. i like it, but for seperate aethetic reasons. Remminds me of the subway. But the others are in the league with WBFO and WBUR. What do you think?

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  • well, i think wbfo is the best – it reminds me of pbs … sesame street, circa 1985.

  • i also like the wbfo logo. i think it looks cool. but i am slightly partial to WAMU, because that is not only the programmed into the #1 spot on my car radio, but it is also my school. we have great programming. (except on weekend afternoons, when it is all bluegrass.

  • yea, i have to agree that WBFO is the nicest. Remember those black bumper stickers with the yellow logo?

    the new logotype is a stylish update. those colors are soooooo neo-retro, it hurts.

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