oy oy oy

GOD damn my head hurts… last night was really fucking rough. We went to see Loveless and the Realistics at the Paradise, but I had way too much to drink. I think we pre-partied at least 6 cans of Pabst BR, and then I must’ve had 4-5 buds at the show. Hooliganism abounded.

The Realistics were fucking cool as shit though. They’re so much better live than on their record. Anyway, Glenndo, evilmonkey, Ben, Presley and I were up front rocking out in this nearly empty place…

I think toward the end of the Loveless set I was singing along (subtlety god damnit. not dorky), and Dave Wanamaker must’ve noticed cause he thanked us for singing along and pointed at me… dork. Then, after they tore up the place on the last song, and they came down off the stage, I screamed at Jen Trynin and gave her a high-five… Well, I bought a Jen Trynin record when I was in high school (a long, long time ago), so it was nice to see her. I hope they appreciate the enthusiasm because there wasn’t a good crowd, and quite frankly I’m unemployed & I don’t get excited much.

So anyway, I need to get to why my head hurts. Coming out of the Paradise, we decided to head to the Silhouette for some pitchers, and we were fucking trashed… I think there were punches and wrestling, but we were just having fun. So we go to the ‘ouette and drink and drink. And then we leave, and head back down Brighton to the house… And, as we enter my building, I started chasing Glenn up the stairs, and I swear to GOD, I do a fucking battering ram right into the wall. head-first, I go down, and Glenndo starts laughing because he’s glad that he’s not me.

So we come inside and go to bed… which probably isn’t the greatest thing to do when you’ve just taken a header… So I wake up when Howard comes on my clock/radio at 8 30, and I’m naked sleeping sideways on my bed. And I totally forgot about the head-shot, so I think I’m only hungover… so I keep drinking water, and I’m wondering why the fog isn’t lifting… and THEN, I reached up to my head and felt a big fucking lump. right on the top of my head. big as day.

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