oy oy oy

GOD damn my head hurts… last night was real­ly fuck­ing rough. We went to see Love­less and the Real­is­tics at the Par­adise, but I had way too much to drink. I think we pre-par­tied at least 6 cans of Pab­st BR, and then I must’ve had 4–5 buds at the show. Hooli­gan­ism abounded.

The Real­is­tics were fuck­ing cool as shit though. They’re so much bet­ter live than on their record. Any­way, Glen­n­do, evil­monkey, Ben, Pres­ley and I were up front rock­ing out in this near­ly emp­ty place…

I think toward the end of the Love­less set I was singing along (sub­tle­ty god damnit. not dorky), and Dave Wana­mak­er must’ve noticed cause he thanked us for singing along and point­ed at me… dork. Then, after they tore up the place on the last song, and they came down off the stage, I screamed at Jen Trynin and gave her a high-five… Well, I bought a Jen Trynin record when I was in high school (a long, long time ago), so it was nice to see her. I hope they appre­ci­ate the enthu­si­asm because there was­n’t a good crowd, and quite frankly I’m unem­ployed & I don’t get excit­ed much.

So any­way, I need to get to why my head hurts. Com­ing out of the Par­adise, we decid­ed to head to the Sil­hou­ette for some pitch­ers, and we were fuck­ing trashed… I think there were punch­es and wrestling, but we were just hav­ing fun. So we go to the ‘ouette and drink and drink. And then we leave, and head back down Brighton to the house… And, as we enter my build­ing, I start­ed chas­ing Glenn up the stairs, and I swear to GOD, I do a fuck­ing bat­ter­ing ram right into the wall. head-first, I go down, and Glen­n­do starts laugh­ing because he’s glad that he’s not me.

So we come inside and go to bed… which prob­a­bly isn’t the great­est thing to do when you’ve just tak­en a head­er… So I wake up when Howard comes on my clock/radio at 8 30, and I’m naked sleep­ing side­ways on my bed. And I total­ly for­got about the head-shot, so I think I’m only hun­gover… so I keep drink­ing water, and I’m won­der­ing why the fog isn’t lift­ing… and THEN, I reached up to my head and felt a big fuck­ing lump. right on the top of my head. big as day.

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