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I sub­mit­ted an arti­cle the oth­er day for the Plan­e­ti­zen news feed and it final­ly got post­ed. The arti­cle is about plans to cre­ate a ger­ry­man­dered city coun­cil dis­trict in Buf­fa­lo for artists, intel­lec­tu­als and activists.

This is not an attempt to carve out bound­aries for some elite area,” said map spon­sor Jef­frey A. Tooke. “It’s about giv­ing a voice to a diverse com­mu­ni­ty with a lot of folks who have some cre­ative ideas.”

In a plan he sub­mit­ted to the Cit­i­zens’ Advi­so­ry Com­mis­sion on Reap­por­tion­ment, Tooke said such a strat­e­gy could be a cat­a­lyst for down­town revi­tal­iza­tion and cit­i­zen involvement.

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