The Chelsea Hotel

Ethan Hawke has made a film called Chelsea Walls [WEBSITE] [VIEW TRAILER]. Jeff Tweedy of Wilco fame did the sound­track, and the movie stars Uma Thur­man, Kris Kristof­fer­son, Vin­cent D’Onofrio & Natasha Richardson.

The Chelsea Hotel used to be grand, the place to live for New York City artists. Mark Twain, Thomas Wolfe, Ten­nessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hen­drix; they all passed through the hotel’s halls. Still, even though the iron facade has become rusty, new dream­ers come every day, hop­ing to be inspired by the ghosts of the past.

The film looks like the typ­i­cal art­sy-talky wank­fest that I usu­al­ly have to beg some­one to accom­pa­ny me to… still, the visu­al style in the trail­er is intrigu­ing, as is the cast­ing choic­es. In the end, even if the film can be reduced to a beat-era homage where artists suf­fer in their pover­ty to achieve a sort of beau­ty, I think it would be inter­est­ing enough to see just what’s in Ethan Hawke’s head… he seems to be an intel­li­gent guy.

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