The Chelsea Hotel

Ethan Hawke has made a film called Chelsea Walls [WEBSITE] [VIEW TRAILER]. Jeff Tweedy of Wilco fame did the soundtrack, and the movie stars Uma Thurman, Kris Kristofferson, Vincent D’Onofrio & Natasha Richardson.

The Chelsea Hotel used to be grand, the place to live for New York City artists. Mark Twain, Thomas Wolfe, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix; they all passed through the hotel’s halls. Still, even though the iron facade has become rusty, new dreamers come every day, hoping to be inspired by the ghosts of the past.

The film looks like the typical artsy-talky wankfest that I usually have to beg someone to accompany me to… still, the visual style in the trailer is intriguing, as is the casting choices. In the end, even if the film can be reduced to a beat-era homage where artists suffer in their poverty to achieve a sort of beauty, I think it would be interesting enough to see just what’s in Ethan Hawke’s head… he seems to be an intelligent guy.

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