Fear and Loathing in the New Economy

I’ve been feel­ing hor­ri­bly anx­ious today… Try­ing to find an afford­able apart­ment in Cam­bridge for Sep­tem­ber with­out a job is not some­thing I’d rec­om­mend to the squeamish.

We found a jew­el of a place at 922 Mass Ave. It has hard­woods, a small kitchen, large eat­ing room, a small­er bed­room (who cares), and a large liv­ing room. It’s on the 4th Floor, (no ele­va­tor, which sucks), and it faces Mass ave.… $1100 a month. That’s noth­ing in that neigh­bor­hood between Har­vard and Cen­tral Squares.

One tiny prob­lem: they don’t take stu­dents, and they want us to earn a com­bined salary of $60,000. So let’s tal­ly this up: Between the two of us we have one job, that ends this month… and one of us just grad­u­at­ed in may, (odd­ly, she is the one with the job).

Now this is a com­plete­ly dumpy build­ing in-between two great neigh­bor­hoods. The halls remind me of an army bar­racks or some­thing. There is noth­ing here that shouts ‘wealthy pro­fes­sion­als’. The motif is gray, It’s a huge build­ing that does­n’t look well kept. But ohhh… that apart­ment is so nice, and it’s only $1100/mo. Imag­ine the lav­ish vaca­tions and high-end elec­tron­ics pos­si­ble from such low rent. And, it’s a few blocks from the red sub­way line. No more anx­ious dri­ving and park­ing and dri­ving to find parking.

So, it’s time to find gain­ful, law-abid­ing employ­ment. Time for lit­tle Ned­die to grow up. Still the fear… and the anx­i­ety is get­ting to me. I think the moti­va­tion is also wrapped up at the promise of free anti-depres­sants via a health plan. What a con­cept! Health insurance.

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