Fear and Loathing in the New Economy

I’ve been feeling horribly anxious today… Trying to find an affordable apartment in Cambridge for September without a job is not something I’d recommend to the squeamish.

We found a jewel of a place at 922 Mass Ave. It has hardwoods, a small kitchen, large eating room, a smaller bedroom (who cares), and a large living room. It’s on the 4th Floor, (no elevator, which sucks), and it faces Mass ave…. $1100 a month. That’s nothing in that neighborhood between Harvard and Central Squares.

One tiny problem: they don’t take students, and they want us to earn a combined salary of $60,000. So let’s tally this up: Between the two of us we have one job, that ends this month… and one of us just graduated in may, (oddly, she is the one with the job).

Now this is a completely dumpy building in-between two great neighborhoods. The halls remind me of an army barracks or something. There is nothing here that shouts ‘wealthy professionals’. The motif is gray, It’s a huge building that doesn’t look well kept. But ohhh… that apartment is so nice, and it’s only $1100/mo. Imagine the lavish vacations and high-end electronics possible from such low rent. And, it’s a few blocks from the red subway line. No more anxious driving and parking and driving to find parking.

So, it’s time to find gainful, law-abiding employment. Time for little Neddie to grow up. Still the fear… and the anxiety is getting to me. I think the motivation is also wrapped up at the promise of free anti-depressants via a health plan. What a concept! Health insurance.

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