I really am tempted to write a Slate-like cranky criticism of the new Buffalo Bills uniforms, but I will try to say some nice things: The dark blue is great. I like the stripes with the gray on the helmet.

(Here comes the cranky part) So, if you’re going to make an “update” with the new darker blue, why would you keep the lighter royal blue? Wouldn’t it be nice to put the numbers in red, or gray? or the new dark blue? Doesn’t that light blue look just as dated now as it did last year? Why do the white uniforms have a blue bar on the shoulders?

And the logo—change the f*cking logo. I think the Sabres got the logo RIGHT. It’s tough, modern and looks fucking great on the front of the uniforms. The Bills logo (much like the original Sabres jerseys) is the boring old abstract corporate-art that is a direct rip-off of that 1970s Buffalo propaganda “WE’RE TALKING PROUD”. Talking Proud? We’re talking MISERY.

Let me tell you what I really think. In a move true to this nostalgic age we live in, the Bills tried to preserve many elements of the old uniforms, while updating the colors a little. The result? It’s an incohesive mishmash of styles and colors, trying to be everything to everybody and it fails all around. There is nothing intimidating about these jerseys, nor is there anything “new”.

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