Sebastian, You’re in a Mess…

Belle and SebastianBelle and Sebastian released a soundtrack to the Todd Solondz movie Storytelling. I need to buy it.

Also, I’ve got 4 tickets to the Strokes and White Stripes show in august at Radio City. I am somewhat psyched, that is for sure.

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  • get that soundtrack! highly worth it.

  • Hi elizabeth… did you graduate?

  • Oh, apparently there is a track called “Dialogue: Conan, Early Letterman“, which sounds as if it’s some kind of intellectualized comparison of two of the goofiest guys ever on TV.

    My personal vote is for Early Letterman… actually I think he was at his best between 1985 and 1995 (just before he hosted the Oscars). I used to program the VCR to tape Carson and Letterman every night, so I could watch it the next day after school.

    With Conan, I think it’s fair to say that he is the smartest in all of late night, and his writing is arguably the best, (Jon Stewart included).

    But it is hard to argue convincingly that any of these guys would be where they are if not for Dave.

    Anyway. I owe my sense of humor to Dave, and I still maintain that he’s a closet Liberal… look here, and here. People tell me otherwise.

    i found this link:

    JB: David [Letterman] changed the way talk shows were done, in an amazing way. He couldn’t do what Johnny did, and he found a whole new way to do his show.

    SY: How did he change it?

    JB: Where before you saw the walls of a building, with Dave you saw the girders that held up the building. You saw what was going on behind the scenes. He made it more reality based and found humor there.

    SY: He also made fun of talk shows.

    JC: Yes. And the next step after that was Conan, who actually mocked what Letterman was doing. Conan has a segment called Small-Town News, based on Letterman’s real small-town news items. But it’s all fake. It’s a small leap, but it shows the progression in talk shows as we see more boutique shows. The next variant will be as to who will come up with the next total change, to take the form conceptually to a different place.

  • no, i’m going to be a junior next semester.

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