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Igby Goes Down

Review: A-

I was excit­ed last week when I walked into my neigh­bor­hood cof­fee­house, and saw a stack of free movie pass­es on the counter. As it turns out, the free movie this time around was one I was look­ing for­ward to watch­ing… Igby Goes Down.

I real­ly liked this movie– it’s bru­tal­ly fun­ny, despite the drugs, sex, and a jeff gold­blum crotch shot (with his box­ers on, mind you).

When we were in New York City last, around the 4th of July, when it was 100 degrees, we all went to the Sun­shine Cin­e­ma to see the Dan­ger­ous Lives of Altar Boys, an amus­ing film that stars Jodie Fos­ter as a nun, and involves com­ing-of-age hijinks. My point is, that I was pleas­ant­ly suprised at Kier­an Culk­in’s performance.

And he’s only bet­ter here– this time as a Salinger-type reject, raised in a dys­func­tion­al (yet welathy) fam­i­ly, wiith an ice-queen of a moth­er in Susan Saran­don, an eccen­tric Jeff Gold­blum as his God­fa­ther, and Claire Danes as a fuck buddy.

The film mean­ders between flash­backs and the present, fol­low­ing Culk­in’s rich-boy char­ac­ter as he gets kicked out of schools, drops out, and heads for New York. His life there is one of pover­ty, drugs, and, he achieves, even­tu­al­ly, some kind of truth.

I have to say that it is a nice com­pan­ion to the Jenifer Anis­ton movie, The Good Girl, and it’s unde­ni­able to say that Hold­en Cau­field is still alive and kick­ing in 2002. Both are great films.

Here’s a ques­tion though– what’s with all this fas­ci­na­tion with rich, dys­func­tion­al fam­i­lies?? Should we blame Wes Ander­son?


Ned­dy and Pres­ley have DSL. Praise Vish­nu that one of our many util­i­ties is up and ruunning…

fuck AT&T Broad­band– they’ve deter­mined that our whole build­ing is ille­gal­ly wired, so they shut off ALL cable in the place. I plead ignorance.

Nine-Eleven ~ 9/11

So, here I am, at the library, try­ing to update my lit­tle web site with some new content…

Today is 9/11, and I walked down to Cam­bridge City Hall at 8:45 am for the cer­e­mo­ny hon­or­ing the vic­tims. My first reac­tion was to won­der just when the police were going to shut Mass Ave down to traf­fic– sure­ly any fit­ting memo­r­i­al would re-route traf­fic for such an occa­sion. The crowds were pret­ty sparse though, so I sur­mised that the police did­n’t deem it necessary.

Prob­a­bly only 50–75 peo­ple were in atten­dance, while maybe a hun­dred fire­men, police­men, politi­cians and oth­er dig­ni­taries faced the ‘crowd’, on the lawn. The may­or gave a lit­tle speech, there was the oblig­a­tory prayers, pledge of alle­giance, and nation­al anthem.

It all seemed so triv­ial to me, though. I feel like we’ve rehearsed this over and over again in the past year, and every­one is ready to deliv­er their lines. Maybe I’ve watched too much TV con­verge of the event over the past year, but I feel sus­pi­cious­ly numb when it comes to this day.

When I was last in New York, I did get to catch a glimpse of the suf­fer­ing and empa­thy that’s been on exhib­it at Ground Zero– That was tru­ly mov­ing. But, I also spied tourists tak­ing pic­tures of their fam­i­ly mem­bers in front of the ‘pit’, laugh­ing as if it were Nia­gara Falls behind them.

Con­tra­dic­tions abound today. The ter­ror­ists were com­plete­ly base­less and wrong to attack us, yet our gov­ern­ment is fool­ish­ly plan­ning to do near­ly the same thing to the peo­ple of Iraq. Here we go with the “moral equiv­a­lence” card, but seri­ous­ly– peo­ple in oth­er coun­tries (Europe, any­body?) view this as con­tra­dic­tious. I hap­pen to agree.

So, we need our allies– when will Cheney / Bush give us our proof that Iraq is bad? And what exact­ly is being done in Israel and the West Bank? Does any­one lis­ten to Col­in Pow­ell any­more? Jim­my Carter isn’t as kooky as peo­ple might be suggesting.

More Primitive Times

Hi. I am writ­ing you from inside the walls of the Cam­bridge Pub­lic Library, Cen­tral Square Branch. The past few weeks have upturned a lot of dirt… and by that i mean that i have:

  1. moved from Boston to Cam­bridge
  2. Still have no work­ing DSL
  3. have 30 box­es sat­acked every­where, each one hav­ing been half-emptied
  4. have paint strip­per on our win­dow sills, wait­ing to be scraped off… which means,
  5. we are paint­ing our liv­ing room soon
  6. our build­ing Super is super, if not a bit weird
  7. the librar­i­an here has been very nice, but now he’s informed my ass that i need to get off. the 5:30 guy is here.

So this is life in Cambridge.