More Primitive Times

Hi. I am writ­ing you from inside the walls of the Cam­bridge Pub­lic Library, Cen­tral Square Branch. The past few weeks have upturned a lot of dirt… and by that i mean that i have:

  1. moved from Boston to Cam­bridge
  2. Still have no work­ing DSL
  3. have 30 box­es sat­acked every­where, each one hav­ing been half-emptied
  4. have paint strip­per on our win­dow sills, wait­ing to be scraped off… which means,
  5. we are paint­ing our liv­ing room soon
  6. our build­ing Super is super, if not a bit weird
  7. the librar­i­an here has been very nice, but now he’s informed my ass that i need to get off. the 5:30 guy is here.

So this is life in Cambridge.

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