Nine-Eleven ~ 9/11

So, here I am, at the library, trying to update my little web site with some new content…

Today is 9/11, and I walked down to Cambridge City Hall at 8:45 am for the ceremony honoring the victims. My first reaction was to wonder just when the police were going to shut Mass Ave down to traffic– surely any fitting memorial would re-route traffic for such an occasion. The crowds were pretty sparse though, so I surmised that the police didn’t deem it necessary.

Probably only 50-75 people were in attendance, while maybe a hundred firemen, policemen, politicians and other dignitaries faced the ‘crowd’, on the lawn. The mayor gave a little speech, there was the obligatory prayers, pledge of allegiance, and national anthem.

It all seemed so trivial to me, though. I feel like we’ve rehearsed this over and over again in the past year, and everyone is ready to deliver their lines. Maybe I’ve watched too much TV converge of the event over the past year, but I feel suspiciously numb when it comes to this day.

When I was last in New York, I did get to catch a glimpse of the suffering and empathy that’s been on exhibit at Ground Zero– That was truly moving. But, I also spied tourists taking pictures of their family members in front of the ‘pit’, laughing as if it were Niagara Falls behind them.

Contradictions abound today. The terrorists were completely baseless and wrong to attack us, yet our government is foolishly planning to do nearly the same thing to the people of Iraq. Here we go with the “moral equivalence” card, but seriously– people in other countries (Europe, anybody?) view this as contradictious. I happen to agree.

So, we need our allies– when will Cheney / Bush give us our proof that Iraq is bad? And what exactly is being done in Israel and the West Bank? Does anyone listen to Colin Powell anymore? Jimmy Carter isn’t as kooky as people might be suggesting.

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