Igby Goes Down

Review: A-

I was excited last week when I walked into my neighborhood coffeehouse, and saw a stack of free movie passes on the counter. As it turns out, the free movie this time around was one I was looking forward to watching… Igby Goes Down.

I really liked this movie– it’s brutally funny, despite the drugs, sex, and a jeff goldblum crotch shot (with his boxers on, mind you).

When we were in New York City last, around the 4th of July, when it was 100 degrees, we all went to the Sunshine Cinema to see the Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, an amusing film that stars Jodie Foster as a nun, and involves coming-of-age hijinks. My point is, that I was pleasantly suprised at Kieran Culkin’s performance.

And he’s only better here– this time as a Salinger-type reject, raised in a dysfunctional (yet welathy) family, wiith an ice-queen of a mother in Susan Sarandon, an eccentric Jeff Goldblum as his Godfather, and Claire Danes as a fuck buddy.

The film meanders between flashbacks and the present, following Culkin’s rich-boy character as he gets kicked out of schools, drops out, and heads for New York. His life there is one of poverty, drugs, and, he achieves, eventually, some kind of truth.

I have to say that it is a nice companion to the Jenifer Aniston movie, The Good Girl, and it’s undeniable to say that Holden Caufield is still alive and kicking in 2002. Both are great films.

Here’s a question though– what’s with all this fascination with rich, dysfunctional families?? Should we blame Wes Anderson?

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