Monthly Archive for October, 2002

Sing-Sing at TT’s

We went to TT’s last night to see Sing-Sing, the new band of Emma Anderson from Lush.

In all, I have to say it was just OK, due mostly to my own personal tastes. I was a fan of Lush, and most of the other guitar-based british bands of 10 years ago, so I guess the primary difference here was that it wasn’t guitar-based at all. Sure, Emma was playing guitar, and they had a keyboardist who also played trumpet, however the bulk of the sonic stuff came from a little iBook sitting next to the singer Lisa.

I’m not clear on who wrote the songs, or who even recorded all of that digital stuff, but I got the impression that Emma has done the 4-piece guitar thing, and wanted to try something else. It didn’t help that she had a cold, and sniffed her way through the night.

For Lisa’s part, she’s not necessarily my cuppa tea. She posed at the mic stand, looking upward with an angular jaw line, as if she was expecting to be hit in the face with a sweet breeze. I give her credit for her singing– it was part Chanteuse, and part sexy vamp, but honestly– this is TT’s! In Cambridge!

And only few of the usual britmop kids showed up– it was mostly 30-somethings who look like they sell insurance or teach school. One group of guys looked like they were going to a Bruins game, in their T-shirts and backward Sam Adams caps. The girl with them had a DMB (Dave Matthew Band) t-shirt on, which is completely inexplicable as to how she found herself at this show.

So, I guess I give high marks for originality and for the nerve to attempt a “big” show, even at a place like TTs. Loved the drummer… he looked like he was enjoying himself thouroughly, and that eased the coughing scowl that was on Emma’s face a bit.

You can’t sit around and whine about the past, so good luck Sing-Sing.

Sleep, Interrupted…

So the past week as been horribly spent, in the form of all-nighters, working on my new portfolio site and resume. I really need a job like I need a money tree.

The new identity, website and resume are pretty cool, I have to admit… especially the business cards and letterhead… I wish I could link it here, but I want to always keep work and play seperate. Those of you who know me, probably know where to look… if you don’t know me and you’re interested in hiring me, christ man! email me.

The cool thing about the resume is that I ditched the MS Word template, (Garamound type, silly columns, hollow bullets, traditional kind of shit), and crafted a modern, clean version that uses some blue color and one of my favorite typefaces, Bliss.

I’m not much for fin-de-si?cle (that’s the 20th century, folks), fonts– Fleet Bank uses Rotis, which is such a fucking bad piece of type from the early 90s. I know this because I used it on a corporate identity in 2000… (of course the client was happy with it).

Anyone else have favorite fonts? Please don’t say Arial

Chess, anyone?

I like playing chess just fine, but I haven’t been at all interested in the computer-human matches of recent years. Somehow the idea of a computer beating a human being at chess seemed less than shocking to me…

But, one interesting development is this report that in the recent Deep Fritz / Kramnik match, Deep Fritz was programmed to heckle Kramnik with relevant Shakespearean quotes. The funny thing is it’s really funny to read what the computer said.

They’ve Got Mail

Someone is starting a campaign to collect and return a million of those annoying AOL CDs that they send to you in the mail. They claim that they’re going to drive accross the country, and stage a media event at AOL headquarters in No. VA, where they will dump the cds.

I think i’m going to start a collection.

Who is Modi? Followup…

I just check my referrer logs for this Web site, and noticed that my site was one of the top referring sites for the Albright Knox Art Gallery‘s Modigliani exhibition (read about it here).

· week one
· week two
· week three

in the second week, I gave them 743 hits, beating out the amount they got from the Buffalo News, (65 hits).

Now, if only I could go there and see the show. Then I’ll offer a review.

Punch Drunk Love

Review: A+

This film is being sold in trailers as showing a radically different Adam Sandler… I believe Roger Ebert said that he couldn’t look at an Adam Sandler movie the same way after this.

Well, I don’t think it’s a totally new character for Sandler, but I agree that Punch Drunk Love both refines and expands on the funny nice-guy he’s played in the past, while offering a new tarnished dimension.

Sandler’s character, Barry Egan, is a shy, slightly obsessive-compulsive, easily-spooked business owner, with 7 annoying passive-aggressive sisters who constantly pepper him with insults and drive him to violent “freak-outs”, we are told, since childhood. He’s definitely got avoidant issues.

Anyway, Barry sells wholesale bathroom supplies out of a warehouse in the Valley east of Los Angeles, and spends a lot of his time thinking about how to turn Healthy Choice pudding into thousands of frequent-flier miles. Stay with me! It’s odd, yes…

As the story continues, one of the sisters introduces Barry to a friend of hers, played by Emily Watson, and a very strange romance ensues.

I’m not go anymore into the plot or story, so if you’re inclined to learn more, check out A.O Scott’s review in the Times.

What I’m interested is this thrown-about idea that this is a totally new Adam Sandler– I don’t think it is. Barry’s life, from the beginning, is one of strange unease. Sandler is quite good at communicating the dread of social and professional relationships in Barry’s life, and that feeling is underscored by a creeping cinematography and beautifully disorienting sound design. You get the sense that his co-workers don’t know quite what to make of him, and his sisters and brother-in-laws are frequently violating his privacy, dignity and confidence.

Again and again, Barry is pushed so far that he schizophrenically explodes from his usual shy withdrawal, to violent outbursts– just the kind of bipolar outbursts that Sandler employed in his less-than-intelligent outings (Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, the Wedding Singer… kind of interchangeable, no?).

Punch Drunk Love’s hero is the same kind of likable nice-guy the girls can feel good about, yet the slapstick violence usually found in his movies is far more psychically charged here, and in the end I’m not left wondering Isn’t Adam Sandler an odd choice for that role?… he’s perfect.

Emily Watson plays Lena, the adorable woman who, for some unknown reason, falls in love with Barry. Lena is interesting as well, because she too vacillates in a slight schizophrenic manner from a shy sweetheart, into a woman who aggressively goes after the man she wants. Unfortunately, she is one of the less developed characters– I really don’t understand why she wanted to meet Barry in the first place. Loneliness? But Watson is amazing on screen.

There is a tortured and sentimental nature to Barry, but Sandler and P.T. Anderson never make it seem contrived or false– have you seen Robin Williams or Chris Rock in dramatic roles? I mean, seriously.

Simply put, this is a very good film.

Updates 10/17/2002

I refreshed this relatively new site, because I haven’t liked it much… seemed a little dorky… Not that I’m not a dork, cos I am, but I mean the kind of dorky you don’t want to even look at.

So, gone are the long horizontal images of freeways and pedestrian crowds—and welcome back yours truly. I’ll be adding some more pics for your randomizing pleasure.

I also added little icons for each of the topic headings, (features, movies, etc.) Not sure if I like them.

Finally, a new Identity! Those are supposed to be fish. Read into them as you will. Katya likes to eat fish… maybe that has something to do with it.


It seems pretty funny having this site, these days. Nobody seems to stop by anymore. Granted, I haven’t been posting all that much…

So, here’s an update:

  • An old friend IM’ed me today- a friend from college that i haven’t seen in a year-&-a-half, when we stopped talking. Not sure if I should reach out, or rebuff…
  • My unemployment benefits have exhausted themselves.
  • I have a cold. Fucking Presley definetely gave it to me.
  • We are hosting a little Suckahs reunion this weekend, here at our new digs, in Cambridge. AND, Albany Dan was foolish enough to buy MacyMe a plane ticket from Indiana, so she could attend. Can’t wait to see them, 666, and maybe EvilMonkey???

So that’s the shit.

Red Dragon

Quick review: B+

Red Dragon is enjoyable, even though Anthony Hopkins’ performance is ridiculously irrelevant and even caricatured.

Edward Norton, Emily Watson and Ralph Fiennes all turn in their usual excellent performances. Watson shines as a blind love-interest for the crazy serial killer, creepily played by Ralph Fiennes, who shows off his uncut member on film for the thousandth time…

Norton does the laid-back intensity thing so well– whereas fear almost seethed from Jodie Foster in her encounters with Hannibal, Norton looks almost bored by the old man.

And who wouldn’t be by now? Hopkins himself seems to be phoning in performances recently– he’s plainly awful in this past summer’s bomb Bad Company, where even Chris Rock couldn’t keep me from wanting to BOOOO.

Maybe they should let someone else play Hannibal?

Who is Modi?

The Albright Knox is beginning a new exhibition on the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, one of the painters at Montparnasse… His contemporaries there included Picasso and Diego Rivera.

Interesting stuff. Check it out. Here is the text from the Exhibition:

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery has organized this major exhibition, gathering masterworks from world-renowned museums and collections throughout North America, Europe, and Japan. Fifty-six of Modigliani’s paintings, sculptures, and works on paper are featured, including important works from the Albright-Knox Art gallery’s distinguished collection. The exhibition is accompanied by a scholarly 240-page catalogue illustrated with eighty-seven plates in full color and 102 in duotone, published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. in association with the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.