Red Dragon

Quick review: B+

Red Drag­on is enjoy­able, even though Antho­ny Hop­kins’ per­for­mance is ridicu­lous­ly irrel­e­vant and even caricatured.

Edward Nor­ton, Emi­ly Wat­son and Ralph Fiennes all turn in their usu­al excel­lent per­for­mances. Wat­son shines as a blind love-inter­est for the crazy ser­i­al killer, creep­i­ly played by Ralph Fiennes, who shows off his uncut mem­ber on film for the thou­sandth time…

Nor­ton does the laid-back inten­si­ty thing so well– where­as fear almost seethed from Jodie Fos­ter in her encoun­ters with Han­ni­bal, Nor­ton looks almost bored by the old man.

And who would­n’t be by now? Hop­kins him­self seems to be phon­ing in per­for­mances recent­ly– he’s plain­ly awful in this past sum­mer’s bomb Bad Com­pa­ny, where even Chris Rock could­n’t keep me from want­i­ng to BOOOO.

Maybe they should let some­one else play Hannibal?

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