Red Dragon

Quick review: B+

Red Dragon is enjoyable, even though Anthony Hopkins’ performance is ridiculously irrelevant and even caricatured.

Edward Norton, Emily Watson and Ralph Fiennes all turn in their usual excellent performances. Watson shines as a blind love-interest for the crazy serial killer, creepily played by Ralph Fiennes, who shows off his uncut member on film for the thousandth time…

Norton does the laid-back intensity thing so well– whereas fear almost seethed from Jodie Foster in her encounters with Hannibal, Norton looks almost bored by the old man.

And who wouldn’t be by now? Hopkins himself seems to be phoning in performances recently– he’s plainly awful in this past summer’s bomb Bad Company, where even Chris Rock couldn’t keep me from wanting to BOOOO.

Maybe they should let someone else play Hannibal?

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