It seems pret­ty fun­ny hav­ing this site, these days. Nobody seems to stop by any­more. Grant­ed, I haven’t been post­ing all that much…

So, here’s an update:

  • An old friend IM’ed me today- a friend from col­lege that i haven’t seen in a year-&-a-half, when we stopped talk­ing. Not sure if I should reach out, or rebuff…
  • My unem­ploy­ment ben­e­fits have exhaust­ed themselves. 
  • I have a cold. Fuck­ing Pres­ley definete­ly gave it to me.
  • We are host­ing a lit­tle Suck­ahs reunion this week­end, here at our new digs, in Cam­bridge. AND, Albany Dan was fool­ish enough to buy MacyMe a plane tick­et from Indi­ana, so she could attend. Can’t wait to see them, 666, and maybe EvilMonkey???

So that’s the shit.

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