Updates 10/17/2002

I refreshed this rel­a­tive­ly new site, because I haven’t liked it much… seemed a lit­tle dorky… Not that I’m not a dork, cos I am, but I mean the kind of dorky you don’t want to even look at.

So, gone are the long hor­i­zon­tal images of free­ways and pedes­tri­an crowds—and wel­come back yours tru­ly. I’ll be adding some more pics for your ran­dom­iz­ing pleasure.

I also added lit­tle icons for each of the top­ic head­ings, (fea­tures, movies, etc.) Not sure if I like them.

Final­ly, a new Iden­ti­ty! Those are sup­posed to be fish. Read into them as you will. Katya likes to eat fish… maybe that has some­thing to do with it.

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